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Fausto was whippin a white ’95 Explorer through Yacatecutli, Mexica, headed to a flea market that had a beautiful selection of antique six shooters he was aiming to scoop when, all of a sudden, his engine cut out. He rolled off the road into the dirt parking lot of a lil segundita, started fiddling with the ignition, no dice. He lifted the hood, a few bats flew out and a couple mice and scorpions scuttered out of there as well, the bitch was busted up something proper.

He called up his homie Chuy who was trappin out in the area:

“K pasa mano.”

“Oye, mano mi carro se murió.”

“Chinga guey ¿donde?”

“Acerca de…” He looked up at the sign, “Segundita Viejita.”

“OK te veo en media hora.”

He wandered around in the segundita. La viejita herself was posted up in the back, in a comfy lil armchair behind the counter, gatita on her lap, watching her cuentos where una dama brava was llorando con sad musica, su novio tratando a explicar lo k pasó. Muy dramatica. Fausto stood watching the novela with the viejita for a while.

“¿Que buscas?”

“Nada, solo mirando,” he walked off to the book section.

Right there on the shelf, underneath a box set of Hopalong Cassidy pulps, between a weathered copy of The Kama Sutra and a beat up paperback of Like Water for Chocolate, was PEYOTE KARAOKE.

“Cuanto, mama.”

“Pa ti, diez peso.”


“K le baya bien.”

He walked outside, threw the book in the Explorer, walked back in, copped a bottle of coke from the fridge, went back outside, drank that, and smoked a bogey.

Chuy showed up.

“K pasa mano.”

“Nada mucho.”

“A ver.”

Chuy looked under the hood, more scorpions and mice ran out, and an ominous black smoke, he reached in, pulled out a dead bat, threw it in a ditch.

“Muy malo,” he frowned.

They decided to haul the thing to Chuy’s house and have a beer, Chuy’s wife Paz was almost done with dinner.

Chuy pulled some chain out his trunk and tied the Explorer’s nose to his truck’s rump, Fausto jumped in the Explorer and threw it in nootch and Chuy pulled him home that way while he steered and pumped the frenes.

Right as they made it inside, dinner was served, tacos de nopales y papas, they went hard.

They had a few beers and watched a soccer game, Los Indios de Yacatecutli beat Los Gauchos de San Josito three to two.

They moved on to tequila and listened to corridas on the radio.

Eventually Fausto passed out on the couch.

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