Hollywood’s Greatest Year: Remembering When ‘The Warriors’ Came Out to Play

Part of our film-by-film flashback to the cinematic glory of 1979

James Remar, Michael Beck, David Harris, Tom McKitterick, Terry Michos, Marcelino Sánchez, Brian Tyler, and Thomas G. Waites in The Warriors (1979). Credit: IMDb

Rather than conceiving the film as a realistic portrayal of the criminal underclass, Hill imagined The Warriors as a cartoon, a spangled fantasia.

Time has added another dimension to the film. You see New York as it was when you were small, a city on the edge of bankruptcy, graffiti-covered, trash-bestrewn.

Author bestselling books on gangsters, Chicago Cubs and Bears, the Rolling Stones. New book is “The Last Pirate of New York.” Co-Creator of HBO’s Vinyl.

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