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A new podcast about Bitcoin and shitcoins and everything entertaining happening in cryptocurrencies

We are jay caspian kang, who is a host on HBO’s Vice News Tonight and a writer for New York Times Magazine and Aaron Lammer, who also co-hosts the Longform Podcast and writes songs with Francis and the Lights.

Recently we, perhaps like you, got swept up in cryptomania. We signed up for multiple exchanges, purchased our first BTC, panic sold during our first crash and spent countless hours debating which shitcoin that would turn us into millionaires. None of this went particularly well, especially for our wives who have both explicitly banned us from talking about crypto with them, but as we dug deeper into Reddit threads, outright scams and dubious whitepapers, we realized we were really taking a crash course on everything from blockchain theory to international banking to behavioral economics.

On paper, our backgrounds are in podcasting and journalism. But both of our careers have involved funneling our personal obsessions into our work (Aaron has another podcast about weed and Jay has written extensively about gambling.) Coin Talk was borne out of our desire to share our mania with all the other nascent crypto-obsessives out there. We are not experts and nothing on this show should be seen as financial advice — we are just two curious friends who want to create an inviting, judgment-free community of listeners and guests who know much more about all this than we do.

We’ll have a new Coin Talk out at least once a week, but if something crazy happens (market crash, exchange meltdown, founder of a cryptocurrency suddenly becomes the fifth richest man in America, market crash, Satoshi unmasking) we’ll try to get a bonus episode out fast.

This show is in produced in partnership with Medium. You can find all our episodes, show notes and full transcripts on Medium. Write a response on Medium too! Contact us at hi@cointalk.show or @CoinTalkShow to ask a question or suggest a guest.

If you prefer to listen in a podcast app, just search COIN TALK or follow this link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/id1332061471

It’s gonna be fun.

Aaron Lammer & jay caspian kang

The official podcast of Bitcoin crashes. Hosted by @aaronlammer and @jaycaspiankang. Mailbag/contact: hi@cointalk.show

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