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If We Remember How Unity Feels, We Can Save Democracy

It only takes 10% of your time to inspire change

The picket line is joined by apartheid activist Nimrod Sejake. The South African labor leader had been jailed alongside Nelson Mandela in 1956 and was exiled in Ireland in the 1980s. Photo: Photocall Ireland, rights cleared

“You have to imagine South Africa as a pint of Guinness — the vast majority of it is black and a tiny minority is white — and just like a freshly poured pint, the white sits firmly on top of the black.” — Nimrod Sejake

We need to tithe 10% of our energies to defending human rights and our democratic institutions.

We were children of the summer, with no idea as we lazed and played in the sun that we lived off food put by in the long winter that came before us, and that winter was coming again.

Irish writer based in London. Tech policy, possible futures, politics. @mariafarrell

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