Reversing the River

More citizens are falling ill from unsafe drinking water, and the negligence of Chicago’s industry is to blame. When the city’s Sanitary District unveils a solution, they elect renowned bachelor, Charles Randolph Price, as a trustee. Having grown weary of luxury and rumors of his incompetence, such an undertaking is exactly what Charlie needs. After all, how difficult could it be to reverse the river’s flow? This serialized novel is brought to you by Leslie Pietrzyk, an American author who has published two novels, ‘Pears on a Willow Tree’ and ‘A Year and a Day’ and the short story collection ‘This Angel on My Chest.’

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Leslie Pietrzyk

Writer since always. SILVER GIRL = 2018 novel about Chicago, 2 college girls, Tylenol murders, $$. THIS ANGEL ON MY CHEST = short stories about loss.