… A razor is a cutting utensil, so maybe we can use some other sort of utensil to cut as well?

… maybe something sharper?

…laser swords? Upon reflection, I suppose a gun could be used to cut, or chip away, at something:

…well I suppose weapons could be —

…yes, a laser is a sort of directed-energy weapon that could be used to —

Come to think of it, while a hammer isn’t technically designed to cut, it could be used to chip away, albeit without a high degree of control, so:

…and if we’re allowing hammers, then any sufficiently dense, blunt object applied with sufficient force should chip at the —

…but how dense and how blunt, and with how much force?

…we should probably stop ther —

Look, some of these are getting silly. There have got to be more human-scale, human-controllable methods to cut at someth —

Well those were at least somewhat reasonable. Although I suppose if you try really, really, really hard anything can be used to cut somethi —