Amid the Kavanaugh Hearings, I Think of a Girl I Know Who Died

My high school classmate’s death by sexual assault haunts my memories

Cindy Cohn, in a picture from our 10th-grade high school annual in Atlanta. Photo courtesy of Diana Hembree

I watched as male camp counselors forced boys to march while chanting “We hate girls!” and taught swimming by throwing screaming boys into the deep end of the pool. I felt lucky to be a girl.

We were headed toward our senior year. Like some of Kavanaugh’s accusers, I can’t remember dates or times. I just remember hearing that Cindy Cohn wasn’t coming back to school.

If you had committed that crime and were convicted, you’d have been punished. You’d likely be a registered sex offender and ineligible for a teaching position, much less a lifelong appointment to the Supreme Court.

I cover consumer affairs, science, the workplace and fraud.

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