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Just What Is “Women’s Specific Gear” Anyways? And Do You Need It?

Gearing up for the great outdoors as a woman is complicated, but not impossible

Illustration by Hannah Weinberger

It’s hard enough to figure out which performance features we need in gear for any given outing, without wondering whether gear claiming it accounts for alleged gender differences actually does.

Illustrations by Hannah Weinberger

BUT FIRST: A Little Herstory

One Phrase, Multiple Translations

“If you want to make a good product that people will pay for, bring in designers and athletes and testers of all ages, sizes, races, genders who have knowledge and experience. Diversity is a very profitable tool.”

Doodle by Hannah Weinberger

Hard Goods: Where Women’s Specific Gear Creates the Most Confusion

So What the Heck Am I Supposed to Buy?

Gendering products might not be the most responsible or efficient way to segment performance gear products and help consumers make decisions, but having more fit options increases the likelihood that you’ll find something that fits you.

Doodle by Hannah Weinberger

The Bottom Line

Outdoor journalist via Wirecutter/New York Times, Bicycling, Outside, etc. Opinions mine until I’m hacked Twitter: @weinbergrrrrr IG: @trail.and.error

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