Recovering From an ‘Almost’ School Shooting

On the anniversary of Sandy Hook, I’m reminded that monsters lurk everywhere

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Photo: Eric Spitznagel

I don’t know what “lockdown” means. Are there steel doors involved? Do they flip a switch and a hermetically-sealed glass dome drops over the school?

My wife and I have read enough child psychology to know that no good can come from dismissing his fears, even if they’re obviously just big, hairy metaphors.

Charlie was cautious the first night, but when he made it to the morning unscathed, he seemed convinced of the blanket’s magical properties.

I was certain that by the time Charlie he grew up and became a boy and went to first grade, the same grade of the children murdered at Sandy Hook, this whole ugly mess would be behind us.

His blanket has no special powers. Everything I told him about it was a lie.

I’ve written for Vanity Fair, The NYT Magazine, and Playboy, among many others. I’m the author of 10 books, including my most recent, “Old Records Never Die”

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