Stop Equating Edible Insects With the Apocalypse

It may seem funny, but it’s bigoted and offensive

Photo: AnothaiThiansawang/iStock/Getty Images Plus

Even though I personally hate cereal, I acknowledge that it is a totally normal thing in some parts of the world.

The “lack of anything else to eat” argument is … untrue on an economic basis. Pound for pound, insects are generally more expensive than chicken or pork.

Spicy Thai salad with ant eggs. Photo: Michela Dai Zovi

When we unquestioningly assume that people who eat insects do so only out of poverty or famine, we are projecting from a place of cultural bias, not to mention … colonialist condescension.

When we know people reject our kind of food, we perceive on some level that they have rejected us.

I write about edible insects for people who did not grow up in a place where entomophagy is normal, but are nonetheless interested in learning how to eat bugs.

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