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The Future of Software Is No Code

Disrupting the disruptor

Greg Satell
Jul 15, 2018 · 5 min read

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Visual interface is the key to the power of no-code platforms.

The Cloud Disruption and the Application Programming Interface Economy

Traditionally, technology favored large enterprises. Developing systems required a substantial investment in hardware, as well as expensive consultants to design the applications. Once they were built, they were also difficult to modify and upgrade, so systems would go for years — and sometimes decades — without being significantly upgraded.

Overcoming Legacy Systems

As a senior executive in the facilities management industry, Bruce Squibb knows well the limitations of legacy systems. In facilities management, each project is essentially unique and systems need to adapt to different types of buildings, customer needs, maintenance schedules, and so on.

Flipping the Model

In a very real sense, no-code platforms flip the traditional IT model. Rather than developers driving what an application should look like, line managers can become an active part of the process. Much of what they used to set up in Excel spreadsheets or checklists on clipboards, they can now do in cloud-based mobile applications.

Today, computers are on every desk and in every pocket.

Essentially, no-code and low-code platforms make good on the promises the agile software movement made over a decade ago. Yet rather than merely integrating software development into the rest of the enterprise, it is making it possible for the rest of the enterprise to integrate itself into software development.

Building an Agile Enterprise

We’ve come a long way from the early days of computing, when computers were enormous machines hidden in back rooms, which could only be operated by an elite priesthood who were conversant in the arcane languages the machines could understand. Today, computers are on every desk and in every pocket.

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