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The Smallness of Mark Zuckerberg

And why he should not be trusted as the world’s custodian of information

Maria Bustillos
Mar 8, 2018 · 8 min read
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People who seek high office should have a long record of honesty, good judgment, and good character. That should not be too much to ask, but it disqualifies a lot of people, Mark Zuckerberg among them.

Here’s Facebook denying that Russian propagandists bought ads from the company during the 2016 presidential campaign, and admitting, just a little while later, that they did. Here is Facebook admitting a little later still that, well, actually, the company distributed Russian propaganda to nearly 150 million people during election season. The company sold advertising to Donald Trump’s campaign much more cheaply than to Hillary Clinton’s (because Trump’s ads were so much more “provocative,” and, you know, algorithms). Advertisements which, by the way, could be so microtargeted that buyers could serve them up to groups of “Jew haters.” But here’s Mark Zuckerberg, saying he considered the notion that Facebook had influenced the election in any way to be “a pretty crazy idea,” a remark he later said he regretted.

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