Creating a Very Slow Movie Player

Rendering digital images in a new way holds a lot of possibilities

All photos: Bryan Boyer, unless noted
It may not be an obviously human-scaled city, but Brasília holds many delights for the curious pedestrian. Photos from 2010.

How ‘VSMP‘ Works

Scaling Up Slowness

Visionect’s ePaper bus stop.
LinkNYC’s LCD kiosk display.

Building ‘VSMP’

Proof of EPD.
A still from ‘Quadrophenia’ dithered with the Floyd Steinberg algorithm. The level of detail is pretty remarkable.
The original ‘VSMP’ test hacked together in the sunlight of a July afternoon. A glitch appeared on the last of these frames and repeated every nine to 13 frames, so I decided to write my own code to control the ePaper display.
Abandoned case concept that favored a slim profile.
Adafruit’s housing blocks and custom jumper wires making the inside of ‘VSMP’ nice and tidy
Watching ‘VSMP’ pleasantly do its software thing
Raspberry Pi Zero is very small and very slow.
‘VSMP’ casting shadows on itself

Assembling ‘VSMP’

Buildings & cities & all the things between. More at

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