When Experience Isn’t Enough

My 20 years of growth as a developer shows employers I can learn — but first, I need a chance

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This also seems to be used against diverse workforces to keep offices filled with 20-something white dudes.

He acknowledged the industry situation, agreed it was a problem. He told me that learning a new language is trivial for an experienced developer and shouldn’t be an obstacle for that developer to join a team. (Other hiring managers I’ve met at social events say the same thing.)

  1. Even folks with wrist injuries needed to bring their own mice.
  2. We were told bridge call capabilities, like WebEx at $9 per month, were too expensive for us, requiring us to rely on our teammates to create and kick off meetings for us—even project managers like me.
  3. We were told headsets for our phones were out of budget. Someone resourceful scavenged some for us, along with mice, from desks of folks moving to another building.
  4. Though the team I manage projects for spans more geographies than fit on one hand, I was told not to make international calls for work purposes.
  5. We were told we couldn’t afford phones at our desks, so we’d need to use our personal cellphones.
  6. We get furloughed for weeks at a time at the end of the year and are asked to reserve our vacations for that time.
  7. The client restricts tools we can deploy on our laptops. I was told to get rid of free, company-sanctioned development tools, even those on the company’s list, from my machine, including Python, unless it was immediately necessary for my project.
  8. We are instructed not to take more than one vacation day at a time.
  1. Unlimited PTO.
  2. Video games in-house.
  3. Weekly parties and/or catered meals.
  4. Late arrivals, early departures.
  5. Casual dress code.
  6. Excellent health benefits.
  7. Centralized working locations.
  8. Encouragement to learn new skillsets and tools.

You can only obtain experience like mine over decades.

A senior engineer can cure a lack of a scripting language in a month. Add another month to make the code polished (linters, you know what I mean).

Resident of Frogpondia.

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