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Why I ‘Believe’ in Climate Change — and Why it Doesn’t Matter

What to say to the climate skeptic in your life

Andrew Winston
Jun 9, 2017 · 8 min read
Photo by Mariusz Prusaczyk on Unsplash

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Why do I believe in climate change? The short answer is because of science. Overwhelming, abundant, multi-generational science.

Why Do I Believe in Climate Change?

Uncertainty and Skepticism

In the end, asking why I believe in climate change is the wrong question. The one that matters is this: Why do I believe we should ACT on climate change?

Reducing Risk

Economic Rewards

When someone tells you it will “destroy the economy” to pursue clean technologies, that person is lying to you. This is the status quo argument that has never saved old technology, from the horse and buggy to the typewriter to Blockbuster.

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Citi estimates of cost of action and inaction on climate from Energy Darwinism II
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Cost reductions in clean technologies, Revolution Now 2016 report, Department of Energy

Winners and Losers

The Inevitable

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