Playing for Team Human today: Susan Basterfield and Anthony Cabraal. Susan and Anthony share the open secrets of bottom-up collaboration as we celebrate the publication of Enspiral’s book, Better Work Together. It’s a conversation about the power of working together, building on ideas “good enough to try,” and creating a space where it’s “safe to fail” — — press play above to listen to the episode.

Looking for collaborative and participatory ways to create social change? Enspiral has collected and opened up its learnings for all to replicate. Learn more at betterworktogether.co

Anthony Cabraal and Susan Basterfield via Betterworktogether.co

Douglas opens with a monologue about moving beyond “master plan” interventions. What does democracy look like on a human scale? Read it here.

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Music Credits: Mike Watt: beak-holding-letter-man , Herkimer Diamonds , and closing music by R.U. Sirius: President Mussolini Makes The Planes Run On Time