Crypto for President 2020! Embracing Blockchain at the Libertarian Convention

They were ahead of the mainstream parties on same-sex marriage and marijuana — and now they’re betting on crypto

Adam Kokesh, an oft-arrested Libertarian candidate for president. All photos by Mark Yarm.

Cryptocurrencies aren’t controlled by a government or central bank, and provide relative anonymity, two factors that make them highly appealing to libertarians.

Larry Sharpe, Libertarian candidate for governor of New York. Photo by Mark Yarm.
Michael Heise, founder of the Mises Caucus.

“We were right on marriage equality. We were right on marijuana. We’re right on cryptocurrency. The question is, will we get the credit for it?”

“‘Cryptocurrency’ sounds scary… I get it. The people who don’t know it are going to be afraid. So what we have to do is show them that it’s not going to end the world.”

Contributing features editor, Input mag; bylines: New Yorker, NYT, Wired, WSJ. Mag; author, EVERYBODY LOVES OUR TOWN.

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