How Retail Companies Fail at Checkout

Credit cards, self-checkout, and too many questions are just a few of the industry’s design problems

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I don’t want to answer 50 questions before I can purchase a beef stick and a soda.

1. The cash register “interview”

A smart salesperson preys on buyers in a moment of need — like those people selling one dollar bottled waters on a hot day in the city park.

2. Lines and perception

3. Forced self-checkout

4. Did you find everything you were looking for?

Are they truly prepared to hold up the line while someone helps me find what I’m missing?

5. Credit card obstacles

I would appreciate a business that rewards me in savings regardless of whether I use a store charge card or not.

6. Pushing the store credit card

7. Ancillary products, the worst offender

Healthcare User Experience Designer in the Greater Chicago area

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