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The Totally 100% True Stories Behind Stock Photos

Every free image holds a secret

A picture is worth… I don’t know, at least a dozen words. And if you work in content or digital marketing, you know there are some strange stock images out there. Through extensive research and a tireless thirst for the truth, I have uncovered the incredible stories behind these visual gems.

The Heavenly Avian Collective is a growing spiritual community (they don’t like the word “cult”). Members’ ultimate goal is to reach enlightenment, at which time they will transform into flamingos.

Norah feeds off the affection of her mother and father, but what she finds truly delicious is the indelible wedge she has driven between them. She spent many months in the womb planning a recipe for domestic strife. Though Mommy and Daddy say they are happy, Norah can see they are slowly cracking.

Simon has been with Dezynly, the hottest startup in San Antonio, for three weeks. His meager health insurance may not have kicked in yet, but he received the standard-issue mustache wax on Day One. He is learning how to get along here. Drink the kombucha. Dissatisfaction is a sign of weakness.

Odette’s boyfriend has recently been diagnosed with chronic invisibility. She’s been wanting to break up for weeks, but fears that doing so now would make it look as if she were leaving him because of his illness. Really it’s because he doesn’t fucking listen.

The lemons, after decades of research, have finally unlocked the scientific secrets that allow them to adopt the human form. War is imminent.

Vince is here to MOTIVATE you so you can MANIFEST your dreams. Follow him on YouTube and be sure to turn on notifications so you’ll know when he drops the next episode of his TRUTH BOMBS series. This week he’s going to tell you how cutting WEAK people from your life is the ultimate step you MUST take in your journey toward SUCCESS.

This unassuming witch turns all her enemies and haters into bubbles.

Grandpa just made a racist joke and is looking for validation at this family gathering. Nigella, at only eight months old, is watching her parents closely for signs of complicity. She lacks the language to shut Grandpa down, but someone should.

“God damn tourist assholes. I’m just trying to do my chores. Does this look tranquil and profound to you? Cuz right now all I’m pondering is whether this lighting is flattering.”

She killed a man in 1931.

The Lava Goddess laments her fury. The slightest provocation sends her into a molten rage. But when the anger fades, she is surrounded by the remains of those she loves, those who have perished in her eruption.

Climate change has ravaged his coastal city. Four-year-old Carl knows no solution other than physical confrontation. If he just punches the sun hard enough, maybe it will stop.

Friedrich always felt different from the other cadets.

After months of plotting, this crafty rabbit has switched bodies with his owner. He has trapped the child’s soul in his own snow white body, but he too must inhabit his new vessel. He must play the part of a pure, loving toddler.

Writer, musician, improvisor, recovering pessimist.

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