How To Rapidly Grow Your SaaS Business (Customer Feedback)

Many of my company’s best product innovations originated as user-submitted suggestions.

So in today’s article, I’ll be sharing a few different ways to help you collect, analyze, and activate on user feedback.


NPS Popups.

Custom-built NPS popup within the MailTag dashboard.
Pro Tip: Don’t display NPS popups to brand new users. Delay your popup for a few days to allow users sufficient time to engage with the various features of your product.
Displaying a survey popup before your users have been given the opportunity to gain value from your product will lead to inaccurate survey data.
MailTag’s NPS popup design was inspired by Quickbooks!

Dashboard Feedback Forms.

Another effective method for collecting user feedback is through providing a form on your product’s dashboard.

MailTag users can submit feedback without needing to leave the dashboard. 😎
We borrowed this awesome idea from Stripe!

Storing User Feedback.

Once user feedback starts flowing-in through these various channels (the NPS popup and dashboard form) the next step is to store the responses in a centralized database (such as a Google spreadsheet).

Post-Trial Survey.

Unfortunately, you can’t win them all. Not everyone who signs-up for a trial of your software is going to end up paying you.

Shocker! 😱

The next best thing you can do is ask your user why not?

Once it has been detected that a user’s free trial has concluded, an automatic email should be sent asking the user why they didn’t upgrade.

Here’s the post-trial email that we send at MailTag:

Subject: “We failed you. 😭”
Pro Tip: Short and simple emails will yield high response rates.

Conduct 2-Minute Surveys.

We conduct our long-form surveys via Google Forms.

There are a gazillion ways to analyze how users are engaging with your SaaS product.

You can analyze data reports, website heat-maps, etc.

But in my experience, long-form surveys can uncover answers that sophisticated data analytics cannot.

Feel free to ask your users these eight brief survey questions:

• How did you discover [YourSaasHere]?
• If [YourSaasHere] disappeared, what alternative service would you likely use? (Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere, we’re just curious).
• Have you recommended [YourSaasHere] to a friend/co-worker? (If no, can you please explain why not?)
• What type of person do you think would benefit the most from using [YourSaasHere]?
• How would you describe [YourSaasHere] to a friend/co-worker?
• What do you dislike the most about [YourSaasHere]?
• Is there a specific feature or improvement that you would like to see added to [YourSaasHere]?
• Would it be okay if we followed up by email to request a clarification to one or more of your responses?

How To Incentivize Survey Responses.

One fun way to thank your users for completing your survey is by buying them a cup of coffee.

At MailTag, we provide everyone who participates in our surveys with a $5 Starbucks gift card (sent via email).

You’re more than welcome to use the below template for your company:

Email Subject: Your next Starbucks coffee is on us. ☕
“Hey Bob,
[YourSaasCompanyHere] exists because of you and other amazing customers just like you.
It’d mean the world to us if you could please help us by answering a couple of super quick survey questions.
It won’t take more than 120 seconds — we’ve timed it.
Survey 👉 [Google Survey Form Link]
As a special thanks for filling out the survey, we’ll email you a $5 Starbucks card! Yummy! :) ☕
To your success,
Joe Smith, Customer Success |

If you don’t have the dough to spend on Starbucks cards, one alternative is to provide a complimentary month of your SaaS product (one month of free service!).

Enjoyed this tutorial on how to rapidly grow your SaaS business using customer feedback?

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