Top Secret SaaS Growth Hack: 863% User Growth

When asking users to invite their friends to your SaaS product, timing is everything.

If a user signs-up to try your software and you immediately present them with an “Invite Your Friends” popup within the first minute of the onboarding process, you’ll likely see very little success.

Why would someone share your product with their network if they haven’t yet experienced any value from your service?

The key: Identify the moment your users are most thrilled with your product (also known as the “AHA! moment”) and then provide your users with the opportunity to share it with everyone they know.

For example: At MailTag (an email tracking tool for Gmail), we identified our “AHA! moment” as the desktop notification that a user receives when their tracked email is opened for the first time.

Users receive real-time desktop alerts when their tracked emails have been opened.

Once the user sees a desktop alert saying “your email has been read”, they’re super excited! The user experiences a mini-rush of euphoria and happiness!

Approximately twenty seconds after experiencing this “AHA moment!”, we present the user with the opportunity to share our technology with their email contacts.

The result? *Drum roll please* 🥁

Overnight, we saw our referral rate increase by 863+%!

Failure to identify your product’s “AHA! moment”, is failing to capitalize on one of your easiest growth opportunities.

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