How to run revenue-driven marketing with Lidia Lüttin

By Alexander Theuma

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Lidia Lüttin has always been a growth marketer. The kind that prefers the early scrappy days of starting up than the arguibly more settled clear days of scaling up. It’s why she recently moved from 300-person Bynder to 20 people Happeo, formerly known as Universe, a startup aiming to improve how people work together in big organisations.

It was the employee count plus the vision of the CEO that convinced Lidia to join the company. However, there was also a drive in her to implement what she calls revenue-driven marketing from scratch.

At Bynder she had learned that just looking after vanity metrics such as lead numbers, engagement and awareness was not a way to have a real impact on the business as a marketer. It was also not a way to have a collaborative relationship with Sales.

Instead what Lidia started practicing revenue-driven marketing, which had an immediate effect on the bottom line. It is something she now is fully subscribed to.

Listen on to learn:

  • What is revenue-driven marketing
  • What does the marketing team focus on when doing revenue driven marketing
  • What are some of the best channels to use when doing revenue driven marketing and why Linkedin isn’t one of them

At SaaStock Lidia will take us through her experience building and scaling marketing operations and teams. There will be much more marketing wisdom at SaaStock and SaaS.City from the likes of Dave Gerhardt, VP of Marketing at Drift, Megan Eisenberg, CMO, MongoDB, Ryan Carlson, CMO at Okta, Kieran Flanagan, VP Marketing at HubSpot, April Dunford and many more.

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