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A brick-by-brick path to a winning product — Founding lessons from Shekhar Kirani

Starting from scratch, the tech exec-turned-VC shares a tactical guide on how to think about founding, product, and funding

Why do we start up? What is the end goal?

“If market conditions and unit economics are good, you can win even if you’re an okay entrepreneur. If you are a great entrepreneur but in a niche market with enough fish in the pond, no matter how efficient you are, you will exhaust the market.”

How do you cultivate the entrepreneur mindset?

“Because almost all fail even while doing it full time, so part time is impossible,” he quips. “Do the work, collect the data, meet people and talk, and once you have enough data, commit to it long term.”

“We are not trained to make decisions but are suddenly exposed to it as entrepreneurs. So you have to learn the art and science of that.”

How to prepare yourself for a life as an entrepreneur?

How do you know whether enough people are affected by your particular pain point?

Is it possible to win with a push market idea?

How to take no for an answer?

What makes a good co-founder?

What sort of equity should you offer a co-founder?

How to think about approaching investors?

“If you have all these things — unit economics, right market conditions, good ideas, and a dedicated team — VCs will approach you before you approach them,” the investor concludes.



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