SaaSBoomi Rewind 2019 — Amit Mishra of Interview Mocha

Notes and memories from the 2019 edition of SaaSBoomi

Sairam Krishnan
Jan 6 · 3 min read

Building up to SaaSBoomi 2020, we decided to ask some of our attendees from the last edition about their experience, and why they think SaaSBoomi is the place to be for young startups.

You can apply for the 2020 edition here.

This episode features Amit Mishra, CEO of Interview Mocha, the HR Tech company that is poised to challenge the best in the domain.

SB — Hi Amit, how has Interview Mocha been doing?
AM — Very well, thank you. To put it briefly, we are profitable already, and are looking at options to raise money and expand a business which we have proven the viability of. Happy to be speaking to SaaSBoomi!

SB — Thanks, Amit. Tell us this, what prompted you to apply for SaaSBoomi in 2019?
AM — I liked that it was not at all promotional, because other events do a lot of selling, and you understand where quality is. The other is that the for founders, by founders mantra that SaaSBoomi espouses is something that attracted me. When I was there, I saw that founders were baring their hearts, and telling each other about the challenges and what they were going through. It helped because there’s only founders there, which means the crowd is homogenous and can identify with each other. There was no cover, you know, and that, I think, is the USP of SaaSBoomi.

SB — Seeing as there’s already so much information on the internet, how did SaaSBoomi help?
AM — There is a lot of information, but finding relevant knowledge that’s properly indexed and structured so you can make sense of it and apply it in your own company is difficult. With founders all around you talking about and discussing the very same things, you can include other ideas and mental frameworks in your efforts. It helps!

SB — Okay. What was the top learning you took away from SaaSBoomi 2019?
AM — SaaSBoomi 2019 had a session with Manav (Garg) of Eka and with Shekar (Kirani) of Accel, in which they talked about enterprise selling and its challenges, how demand fluctuates, how you must address it, and so on. It was a 90 minute discussion, if I remember right, and it was very helpful, also because I was trying to shift to the enterprise at that time.

SB — Was there anything you changed at Interview Mocha after attending SaaSBoomi 2019?
AM — Oh yes! Until that time we were still focused on SMB selling. At SaaSBoomi, we realised that when people buy for the SMB, they buy the product, and when they buy for the enterprise, they are buying a solution. We needed to have ecosystems of support, we needed to take a serious look at customer success, and so on. This clarified a lot of things for me mentally and I immediately implemented some of my learnings at Mocha.
Also, we used to look at Indian SMBs as a growth market. A few conversations at SaaSBoomi taught us that the market there wasn’t big enough for us, and would also need a lot more nurturing and handholding, which we weren’t ready for at that stage. We let that go, and refocused on the US market.

SB — That’s great! What are you looking forward to, in SaaSBoomi 2020?
AM — We want to learn more about how others are tacking the SMB to Enterprise shift, when they are doing it, and so on. These discussions will help us to figure out how to attack this market. The structured advice that I know SaaSBoomi is uniquely good for, that is what I am looking forward to.

You can apply for the 2020 edition here of SaaSBoomi here.


Asia’s largest SaaS conference — for founders, by founders

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Asia’s largest SaaS conference — for founders, by founders

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