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The Multi-Billion Dollar India-SaaS Opportunity (375+ SaaS Startups)

Special thanks to @anirudh.vish (Anirudh Viswanathan) who has put all the efforts in compiling this list.

A couple of years back, young Tejaswi Raghurama had done an amazing job of collating 100 SaaS companies and had published it here. It had proved useful to so many and still remains a great resource. It is always a challenge for someone to point out Indian SaaS companies, and a comprehensive list like that helped.

But as time passed, I realised the list needed some updation and curation.

After being active in the SaaS eco-system for almost 6 years now and having also been contributing actively on the SaaSBooMi platform, I realised we have access to 350+ SaaS companies from India, and it would be great to collate all these companies and make it into a newer, leaner version.

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Why am I doing this, you may ask. Is it a good way of spending my time? I think so. At this point in time, there is no single place where someone interested can go and find a list of SaaS companies, for whatever reason. The list can demonstrate the strength and vibrancy of the ecosystem that I have been a part of, and find a lot of pride in. The list can also help demarcate what each startup does, and their other specifics.

Though some of the data I’m talking about these companies may be available on Tracxn, that data is not free and not everyone can get access to it when they need it. And it makes no sense to be forced to pay a lot when you are looking for only one data point.

Here’s our snapshot of the India SaaS-ecosystem curated from SaaSBooMi attendees/applicants. Our tribute to the Founders, the Visionaries, and Makers of Tomorrow.

This list is ever-growing — If we’ve inadvertently missed your SaaS Startup and you would like to be included in the list, please fill up this form. If you want us to modify the text, please use the same form.


6Storage — Self-storage management software
930 Technologies — Employee engagement/outreach for desk-less workforce


AbdaDigital — Multichannel content distribution
Acceldata — Data lake operations/data integration and analytics
AceBot — Conversational AI for better survey engagement
Adapt.io — Contact aggregation and management
Adjoint Technologies — End-point anaytics, routing, and GTM for FMCG
Aerchain.io — Enterprise procurement management
Agara Labs — AI/Predictive analytics for consumer interaction
Agaram Technologies — Enterprise Class Laboratory Informatics & Automation Solutions
AgileCRM — CRM with sales and marketing automation for SMEs
Aikon Labs — Employee engagement and interaction analytics
Airbots.ai — AI-based omni-channel advertisement management
Airim Inc — Landing page content personalization and sales enablement
Algo EnergyTech — Data analytics for energy sector
Algoshelf — Marketing analytics for retail and CPG
Alluvium IoT — Shopfloor analytics and management
Almabase — Alumni engagement and database management
Alpha — Content storage and analytics for unstructured data
Amber — Conversational AI for measuring employee engagement
Ameyo — OmniChannel Contact Center and Customer Engagement Platform
AnswerCart — Community forum creation platform for customer engagement
Antworks — AI-based automation solutions
AnswerWise — Conversational AI for customer support
Appknox — Mobile App security testing
AppVirality — Sales enablement via. word-of-mouth
Asset Infinity — Asset tagging and tracking
Autoninja — Auto dealer CRM and sales enablement
Ayasta — IoT for electrical grid management


BhaiFi Networks — Wifi provider with inbuilt compliance monitoring and marketing
BiRetail — Retail Business Intelligence and Data Analytics
Bizcos — Inbound call management tool
BIZOM — FMCG sales force automation software for field sales and supply chain workers
BlogVault — Content backup and management
BOOKINGJINI — Channel management for hotels
Browserstack — App & Browser Testing Platform
BuildSupply — Analytics and cost-management for building and real-estate


CallHippo — Intelligent Virtual Phone system- Enables Telephony+Workflow automation
CallHub — Communication Software for Leaders
Capillary — Omni-channel engagement and sales enablement platform
CanvasFlip — Interactive content generation platform (Acquired by FreshWorks)
Capillary — Omnichannel engagement and sales enablement platform
Caring Elders — SaaS Solution for Home Healthcare Providers
Carestack — Dental-practice enterprise management
Chargebee — Subscription Billing Operations management
ChartPoet — Dashboard creation for data visualization
CiniCloud — Cinema theater management
Clappia — Zero-code app creation platform for business users
Classpro — Coaching class maagement
Clevertap — Mobile marketing platform for customer engagement
Clickpost — Logistics Intelligence Platform for Online Retailers
Clonect Solutions — products in Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC) and GST space.
Clootrack — Brand perception tracking and analytics
Cloud Pencils — SMB ERP for distribution, retail, wholesale and services
Cloudcherry — Customer experience management platform (Acquired by Cisco)
CloudQA — Cloud application testing platform
Contify — Market and Competitive Intelligence Solutions
Corefactors — Sales and marketing integration platform
Credibase — Lead generation and conversion platform
CRE Matrix — A Deep Analytics Platform for Commercial & Residential Real Estate
CRMnext — CRM for financial services
Cryotos — Maintenance Management for Manufacturing Industries
Culturegrade — Employee engagement and feedback management
Customerlabs — Social-media based customer relationship management
Czar Securities — Web-security suite


Daacoworks — Industrial automation and IoT management software
Dagic — Lead generation and conversion platform
Darwinbox — HRMS/employee lifecycle mangement
DataOne — e-commerce consumer analytics
Dataweave — e-commerce analytics for retail and brands
Deck — Platform to create presentations
Deskera — Cloud ERP Platform
DeZyre ProjEx — Code-snippet aggregation platform for data-scientists
Disprz — Corporate learning management solution
Doctily — Clinic management and health record software
DocEngage — Comprehensive Software platform for Digital Hospital
Druva — Cloud data protection and backup


EasyEcom — Multi-channel inventory management
Easyrewardz — Loyalty program management platform
Edfone — Note-taking app.
Egregore Labs — Data science for investment management
Elmarqr — Asset tagging and tracking
Elucidata — Data science for drug discovery
Entrib Analytics — Analytics for shop-floor management
EngageBay — An integrated marketing, sales and service automation platform for growing businesses
Entropik Technologies — Facial emotion recognition and gaze tracking platform
ERPNext — Open-source ERP suite
Esper — Enterprise mobile application APIs built for Android
EventPlanON — Event management task automation software
Evolgence Telecom — Enterprise communication and collaboration platform
Exotel — Enterprise communication and customer outreach via. Voice and SMS
Expertrec — Site search engine for websites and e-commerce
ExtraEdge — Data Science powered admission & marketing CRM automation for education industry


Facilio — IoT-driven facilities management software for enterprises
— ERP for real-estate and construction
Famepilot Internet — Brand Reputation Management and Customer Experience Platform
Fanlytiks — Social-media based business insights
Fareye — Last-mile delivery management solution
Fastah — Smartphone data aggregation and network performance measurement API
Fibotalk — Conversational AI for customer engagement
Fiind — Lead generation and conversion platform
FirstHive — FirstHive is an intelligent Customer Data Platform that builds unified customer identities and drives marketing ROI for brands
Finotes— Intelligent bug reporting for mobile and wearables
Fitbots — OKR and engagement check in platform
Fixnix — GRC for midmarkets
Flackon — Document content management automation platform
Fleetx.io — Mobile-based fleet-management solution
Flujo— Collaboration and personal productivity solution
Flutura — IoT platform for enterprise intelligence
FoodEnginePOS — Restaurant management solutions
formX — Bankend content management for form-submission
Foodmonk — Operating system for catering businesses
Foyr — VR for real-estate visualization and interior design
FreeElective — Online dating and event planning platform
Freight Tiger — Platform to integrate and manage logistics operations
FreightBro — Marketplace to enable digital freight forwarders
Freshworks — Sales enablement and consumer engagement platform
Frrole — Candidate recruiting and sourcing
Frugal Testing — Performance testing for websites, mobile apps., and APIs
FusionCharts — JavaScript Charts for Web & Mobile Dashboards
Fyle Technologies — Expense management software


Gainsight — Customer success management
Gamooga Softtech — Omnichannel marketing platform
Garageplug — ERP for 2 & 4 wheeler service centers
Gist — an all-in-one growth and support tool that provides live chat, email marketing, and customer support.
GreyMetrics — Marketing Reports & Dashboards Software for Digital Agencies
Greytip Software — HR and Payroll software
GroSum — OKR Performance Management Platform


Haber — IoT for industrial automation and analytics
Hackerearth — Online coding platform for recruiting and screening
Hackerrank — Online coding platform for recruiting and screening
Happay — One platform for managing all business spends
Hasura — Instant Realtime GraphQL on Postgres
Hate2wait — Queue management platform
Helpshift — Customer support experience management platform
Hippo Video — Online video and content creation platform
Hiver — Shared inbox collaboration management
HolaEnterprise — Interactive content generation platform
Hotelogix — Enterprise hotel management software
Hubbler — Mobile-based ERP integration platform
Hubfly — Employee engagement and collaboration tool
i-exceed — Omnichannel digital banking solutions


IBoson Innovations — AR for interior visualization
iCertis — Cloud-based enterprise contract management
ICube Consortium — HRMS platform
ImageKit.io — Image optimization across different devices and networks
Impartus Innovations — Lecture recording and capture software
Indusface — Website application security
IndustryPrime — Purchase and store management software
InspireOne — Sales & customer service enablement
Instio — A complete operating system for the Hotels and Resorts
InfiniteWP — Multiple Wordpress site management software
Infilect — helps global retail brands and retailers with retail visual intelligence from physical retail stores
Innovaccer — Healthcare analytics platform
InstaSafe — Cloud-based VPN
Intellolabs — Computer vision for agricultural produce grading
InterviewMocha — Skills assessment platform
InterviewPass — Video-based interviewing platform
InVideo — Customized templates for online video creation
IoT Research— Asset tagging and fleet tracking
Itilite — Employee travel rewards program
iWeb — Digitizing Universities Colleges & Schools — Edtech
iZooto — Web-based customer engagement platform


JiffleNow — Automated meeting scheduling program
Jiny — Vernacular language-based assistive UI
JKL Technologies — Mobile customer engagement platform
Joveo — Programmatic job-advertising platform
Jumpstart — Reviews-based communication platform to boost customer engagement
JustCall — Cloud-based phone-systems for businesses


Kallos — HRMS platform
Karomi — Packaging and labeling management solutions for pharma, CPG, and retail
Kencil — School communication app.
Kissflow — Digital Workplace
Klimb — Recruiting automation software beyond an ATS
Klenty — Lead generation and conversion platform
Knowlarity — AI-enabled cloud telephony solutions & analytics
KnowMax — Customer engagement and knowledge management solutions
Kommunicate — Messaging first Customer Support & Help Desk Solution
Kred — Modern Digital Banking for Cooperatives
Kwixee — Workflow automation platform


LeadSquared — Lead generation and conversion platform
LegalDesk — Legal document drafting service
Lemnisk — Intelligent and Secure Customer Data Platform
Linkstreet — Mobile-based employee training
LitmusWorld — Customer and employee engagement platform
LiveHealth — Automated healthcare diagnostics
LocoBuzz — Social-media monitoring platform
Locus — Supply-chain analytics platform
LogiNext — Logistics and field service platform
Lucep — Lead generation and conversion platform


Mad Street Den/Vue.ai — Computer vision for retail product tagging
Magenta Connect — Business Intelligence Software for SME’s.
Mapprr — Local store discovery and purchase delivery
MapRecruit — Analytics-based talent recruitment platform
Maximl — Collaboration and project management platform
Mera Transport — SaaS Enabled Marketplace for the Trucking Ecosystem
MFY — Social-media based marketing
Mindtickle — Sales enablement platform
MineWhat— Analytics for retail management
MobiLock — Secure and manage end-point workforce mobile devices
Mobinsur— Insurance agent management system
MoEngage — Omnichannel marketing platform
Mojro Technologies — Platform for Optimization and Automation of Logistics Planning and Execution
Monkwish — Corporate learning management solution
Moveinsync — Employee transportation management platform
MoveX Inc — Fleet management and vehicle tracking platform
MyClassCampus — All in one ERP with Mobile App for educational organisations
Mygate — Apartment access management solution
myhCue and Cardinality.ai — Clinic Management System
MyNextHire — Candidate recruiting and sourcing
MyOperator — Customer support experience management platform


Near — Location intelligence platform
NextSCM — Inventory management solution
Nimesa — Cloud data protection solution
Nittio Learn — Corporate learning management solution
Nowfloats — Full-stack digital business enablers for SMBs
NuTick — Loyalty and rewards management platform
NuVeda — Corporate learning management solution


Observe.AI — Voice-AI platform for call-centers
OkCredit — B2C consumer credit recording system
Omnify — Business management software for SMBs
OneDirect — Social-media monitoring platform
ONGO Framework — Mobile app development framework
OpExWorks — Helping manufacturing companies in achieving excellence in Quality, Cost and Delivery in Supply Chain
Orgz.app — Business management software for SMBs
Outsell — Sales representative training platform
Ozonetel — Cloud telephony platform and Cloud Contact Center for SMEs and Enterprises


Pando — Delivery/transportation digitization platform
Paperflite — Lead generation and content tracking platform
PayrollEmpire — Payroll processing software
Pazo — Operations management platform
PeopleStrong — Enterprise grade HR & Workforce technology
Pepipost — B2D email API
Perfios — FinTech platform for realtime decisioning, analysis and credit underwriting
PerspectAI — Talent management platform
Phenom People — Talent management platform
PipeCandy — Data sourcing, market analysis and predictive analysis platform for D2C brands and e-commerce
Playment — Data labelling infrastructure for AI
Point105-AR — Platform for 3D model conversion to AR-ready formats
POSist — Restaurant POS management solutions
Postman — B2D API development environment
PrimaSeller — Inventory and Order Management Software for Omnichannel Retailers.
Procialize — Omnichannel communication platform for employees and customers
ProfitBooks — Inventory management software for traders and manufacturers.
Promptcloud — Enterprise-grade web-scraping service
Pulse — Customer feedback management
PushEngage — Mobile and Web-based push notifications platform
PushOwl — Increasing re-engagement via web push notifications for e-commerce stores


Qoruz.com — Influencer-based marketing platform
Qubole — Data lake operations/data integration and analytics
rapidor (by ACELR Tech Labs) — Supply-chain analytics platform


RateGain — Hospitality and travel enterprise software
Recruiterflow — Modern CRM for recruiting and staffing agencies
Repup — CX for hospitality
ReferralYogi — Social-media monitoring platform
Relatas — Sales forecasting and execution platform
Renzo — Hotel operations management platform
Rezofy — Helping Travel Business setup online shop for selling travel services
RippleHire — Talent management platform
Round Infinity — AI-Powered Next-Generation Customer Service Software
Runo — Content and customer management platform


Saras Analytics — Tooling solutions to unlock data insights
SBNA Software
— Enterprise software for education providers
Seclore — Data access compliance platform
Securden — All-in-one IT security platform to prevent cyberattacks
SecurityAdvisor — Employee security training platform
Seekify — Employee engagement and collaboration tool
SendX Inc. — Email marketing software
Serverless360 | Kovai Systems— Cloud infrastructure monitoring platform
Silversparro — AI-powered Video Analytics Apps for Industry
SignEasy — Contract management and document signing platform
Simply Vyapar — SMB invoicing app
Sirion — Contract management platform
Skooly — School management platform
Slang Labs — Platform to add voice integration for existing mobile apps
SlashDr — Primary Care EHR
SlickAccount — Small biz. accounting software
Smart Auto — Garage management software
Smartech — Multi-Channel Marketing Automation platform
SmartServ — Employee engagement and analytics platform
SmartWinnr — Sales enablement platform
SmatBot — Chatbot deployment platform
Snaptrude — 2D to 3D model creation for real-estate applications
SocioHub.io — Community collaboration and engagement platform
SprintAI — Inventory optimization solution
Squadcast — Incident response management platform
Stackby — Workflow automation platform
Strings.ai — Conversational AI for sales enablement
Survaider — Collaboration tools for multi-location management
Swym Corporation — Customer behavior monitoring and tracking
Synergita — Employee performance management
Synup — Local marketing integration platform


TacitKey — Corporate learning management solution
Tagalys — Predictive merchandising for Magento & Shopify platforms
Taggbox — Social-media monitoring platform
Talview — Online vide-based hiring/interview management
Targetbay — Consumer engagement improvement platform
Tars — Lead generation through conversational landing pages
TeamStreamz — Mobile-based ad-engagement platform
TechFetch.com, — Talent management platform
Teckost IT — RPA for pricing and cost analysis
TEG HealthWorks — Healthcare payor analytics platform
Testofy — Candidate recruiting and sourcing
ThoughtFlow — Workforce collaboration platform
Toolyt — Field salesforce management platform
TopNotepad — Invoicing and accounting software
Trapyz — Privacy-friendly, consumer intent to insights SaaS platform
Troopr — Collaboration and project management platform


uLektz — Education management software for schools and colleges
Unbxd — Product discovery solution
Unifize — Collaboration and project management platform
Uniphore — Conversational AI product suite
Unmetric — Social media benchmarking company
Upshot.ai — Mobile-based consumer engagement platform
Upshotly — Employee performance management


Vaave — Platform to create alumni networks
Vantage circle — Employee benefits and engagement platform
VComply — Compliance management software
Vernacular.ai — Vernacular conversational AI platform
Version Systems— HRMS software
VideoKen — AI-powered video chaptering, search and discovery platform for B2B Enterprises
Vinculum — Omnichannel retailing platform
VM Works — Employee engagement and analytics platform
Voxvalley technologies — Customized solutions for VoIP operators
VoltusOne — App Market Place
Vymo — Sales enablement platform


Whatfix — User onboarding platform
WebEngage — Analytics & Marketing Automation Suite
Webmobi inc — Event management CRM platform
Wingify — A/B testing and push-notification platform
Wooqer — Process management platform
Worxogo — Enhance performance behaviour through AIX


Xeno.in — Digital Personalization for Offline Brands
Xobin — Talent screening platform
Xoxoday — Employee and channel partner engagement and reward & recognition solution


Yellow messenger — Conversational AI for local businesses
YuktaMedia — Ad analytics and reporting


Zaggle Prepaid — Digitizing Business Expenses, Employee Tax Benefits, Rewards and Recognition!
Zenoti — Cloud software for spas
Zepo — eCommerce and Shopping cart platform
Zestl — No-code enterprise process automation platform
Zoho — Cloud Software Suite and SaaS Applications for Businesses
Zscore — Web-based data analytics platform
Zwayam — Candidate recruiting and sourcing

This list is ever-growing — If we’ve inadvertently missed your SaaS Startup and you would like to be included in the list, please fill up this form. If you want us to modify the text, please use the same form.



We are a community of founders and product builders shaping India’s SaaS industry. We came together in the summer of 2015 as an informal group of SaaS founders looking to network and learn from each other.

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