Top 3 reasons for Southeast Asia SaaS founders to attend SaaSBooMi 2020

Ashwin Krishna
Jan 6 · 3 min read

Software As A Service market has come a long way. Concur was arguably the first SaaS company (Not Salesforce!), which started in 1998. In a span of 30 years, the industry has grown multi-fold by generating more than $100 billion in 2019 alone. From a humble travel expense software, today SaaS has exploded into everything-as-a-service industry!

While USA has been a forerunner in SaaS, the last 5 years have been regarded as the SaaSification era for Asia with multiple companies exceeding the $100 million valuation mark. The SaaS market in the Asia Pacific is pegged upwards of $4 Billion in 2020. India led the SaaS wave since 2008 and today it boasts of more than a thousand SaaS companies. Southeast Asia has emerged as the fastest-growing region with companies like Deskera, Trax making deep inroads.

While the SaaS industry opportunity in South East Asia is big, the million $ question is how can the founders unlock the opportunity?

SaaSBooMi is an event, which was started with a focus on helping Asian SaaS founders win. It’s a founder and volunteer-driven initiative with a vision to transform Asia as a SaaS hub of the world. Here are the top 3 reasons (of many!) why SaaS founders from SouthEast Asia must be part of SaaSBooMi

Learn from Asian founders who have got the secret sauce right

Asian (India and Southeast Asia) markets are very unique compared to the US/UK markets. With a heterogeneous market (languages, cultures), a one-size-fits-all approach will not work. As the region is at the cusp of transformation, the requirements are agile in nature. Implementation cycles are weeks (not months). Products have to be built for a mobile-first generation (as the users have leapfrogged to mobile screen bypassing the desktop).

At SaaSBoomi, you can learn from India founders who have scaled it. Prospective speakers include Girish (Freshworks — first SaaS company from APAC to cross $200 million ARR), Dheeraj (Nutanix — listed in NYSE — valued more than $6 Billion), Jyoti Bansal (AppDynamics — acquired by Cisco for $3 Billion).

The most important aspect is SaaSBooMi is a founder-only event where the speakers, who have found themselves in the exact place you’re in now just a few years ago, generously share the playbook that helped them cross that stage. The open discussions on failures help the audience not to make the same mistakes! You can learn from founders on Product, Marketing, Customer Success, Fundraising, Team building, and Culture.

Here is a link to What to expect in SaaSBooMi 2020 (Day 1 is covered. Day 2 is coming up!).

Connect 1:1 with SaaS founders and make them friends-for-life

SaaSBoomi provides an unparalleled opportunity to meet 1:1 with founders who started companies across verticals and at different stages of growth. You can not only exchange ideas that worked and lessons from failures but build connections for life.

Build real partnerships and expand into India — Asia’s second-largest SaaS market

India is the second biggest SaaS market in Asia with a multi-billion $ opportunity. It can’t be a better time and place for you to find strategic partners who can not only help you increase the geographical scale but deepen the solution footprint for your customers.

The icing on the cake, you can meet investors who are passionate about SaaS!

SaaSBooMi 2020 is scheduled for the 24th and 25th of January 2020 in Chennai. The 2019 edition witnessed over 350 SaaS founders coming together to learn from Asia’s SaaS Leaders, who believe in the power of sharing is caring!

Chennai is the center of gravity for SaaS in India–the city not only generates close to $1 Bn in SaaS revenues alone (Freshworks, Zoho, Kissflow, Chargbee, Facilio and a multitude of companies), it has more than 10,000 employees working in SaaS. You can also get an opportunity to meet and understand the SaaS ecosystem in-person!


Asia’s largest SaaS conference — for founders, by founders

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Asia’s largest SaaS conference — for founders, by founders

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