A New Kind of Design Diversity

“The vacuum of a thriving design community in Chennai can be filled — which is why we believe in big networks, valued partnerships and a local community”

Sruthi Baruvuri
Mar 7, 2017 · 4 min read

~ Mr. Bharath Balasubramanian (Director, Design@Freshdesk)

Freshdesk has created a new room of togetherness with focus on media, design and community. SaasD, an initiative by Freshdesk is a series of design days that are celebrated to connect amazing people within design spectrum for improved learning.

Episode 1

It was Saturday, the 25th of February, SaasD hosted its first Design day at Freshdesk’s Chennai office. The venue was colourful in its informal setting and house was packed with fellow designers within our vicinity.

Having kicked off the premiere with a zealous stare-at-each-other game for a minute, the design thinkers with energised spirits, were provided with — spaghetti sticks, marshmallows, tape, scissors and straws to build the tallest tower, within 20 minutes.

This activity was meant for unplugging technology and finding space to enrich connections. It was exciting to see teams introducing themselves, conversing and ideating together. With diverse set of perspectives and experiences, design thinkers built their respective towers seeking inspiration from culture to architecture to geometry to business values. It was interesting to hear insights on their abilities, decisions and iterations that went into building the tower.

For all the diverting we had in the activity, we added some delight to cheer fellow designers with our finely crafted goodies containing motivation cards, sketchbook and a pen inside.

After sharing goodies, we grabbed some snacks and lounged for the screening of Design Disruptors. (A special mention to InVision team for their contribution to the movie)

Post movie, audience were asked to share their thoughts and converse on what excited them about the movie. Few mentioned about their attempts in encouraging wild ideas, while few spoke on design process they follow and their queer interactions with users.

We ended our conversation of design by listening to captivating stories of some, often inspiring, which rejuvenated our belief in the power of design thinking. Overall, SaasD atmosphere built momentum and vividness to the day. Our onset had a grassroots feel, bustled with inspiring, capable and diverse group of people, who were extremely interested and specifically wanted to make diversity a choice to their routine by taking part in our design days.

*Lastly, we have a shout out for you

Here’s why you should come to our following design days —

  1. Each design day is unique.
  2. There are a pool of interesting stories to hear and to be heard of.
  3. A room filled with amazing people. What else can one ask for? ;)
  4. Yes. Of course, delicacies are good for us.
  5. Join if you want your weekend to be productive as the one above.

See you in our next event!!

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SaaSD is a Freshdesk initiative to bring together #design enthusiasts in the #SaaS community.

Sruthi Baruvuri

Written by

User Experience Researcher @ Freshdesk


SaaSD is a Freshdesk initiative to bring together #design enthusiasts in the #SaaS community.

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