Who is Valerio?

Hi, I’m Valerio.

I’m an entrepreneur, bass player and sometimes digital nomad. I spent the last 6 years working as software developer in Europe area.

On stage with my Fender Jazz Bass :)

My career has began in Ericsson one of the biggest technology company in the world. I left my home in Sicily and I moved to Naples. Two years later I decided to follow an opportunity in Paris. I learned French from scratch and spent a wonderful year in one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Now I live in Naples (Italy), I left my job at Ericsson and founded my company that works for italian customers.

My dream is to build a SaaS-product driven company that helps people improve their lives every day.

From the first day of work as a freelancer I listen to the problems of my clients to develop software products that help them improve their personal and working life.

I have published many MVPs and the first times were obviously failures but I learned many things and I want to share with other interested people like you in developing a sustainable and profitable “SaaS” business.

Follow me on saas:gist I’m exploring a journey to develop a product driven company and share my experience with everyone.

If you want give me your feedback about my work send me a message at info@saasgist.com.