Why saas:gist? Why SaaS business?

Hi! I’m Valerio.

saas:gist is my way to share my experience with everyone developing SaaS business and collect feedback from users and other entrepreneurs.

SaaS stands for “Software as a Service” and it refers mainly to a business model where customers pay monthly or annually to use your software (as a service) instead of one-off transaction to buy it.

Recurring revenue is the Holy Grail of every business because allow you to build your company in a really predictable environment and keep control of your costs, cash flow and any other aspect of a healthy business.

On the other hand it’s really hard to find the right pain and right solution that people love and want pay for it. Beautiful things are difficult things.

I receive many SaaS idea every week and selecting the most promising to develop an MVP that will be published in the saas:gist projects section to receive your feedback and attract early adopters.

Below I will tell you about the philosophy behind this project and how the products will be developed.

No VC funded

I wrote several articles about my failures trying to develop my company with VC (Venture Capital) support.

Do not misunderstand me, I’m not against investments, I’m not crazy. I did a lot of pitch, I have participated in many startup events and competitions but for most people who aren’t incredibly connected within their country’s “VC Valley” scene, this is a fool’s mission.

Working Capital — Milan

I risked damaging every aspect of my life: relationships, health, sanity, bank account, without any backup plan. But I understood what my mistakes were.

I quit my job and my income has disappeared. I was trying to run my startup while my savings burned. The funds I was looking for were to save myself and not to build my business.

Today I have a consulting and software development practice to help companies to face the digitization process and I take care of my clients because they are the best guarantee of a healthy and sustainable future so I can continue to test the market and find the right product to build a successful SaaS business with happy customers.

Micro-SaaS inspired

I would like to thank Tyler Tringas for sharing his experience. I am sure that many other entrepreneurs recognize themselves in this adventure and together we can think about how to grow a successful business doing what we do best: solving people’s problems.

Tyler’ story is connected with my personal experience:

“Success is not an event but a process”

The SaaS idea that will be eligible for MVP will start with the appearance of a “feature” and not an “entire product” from the first day.

Listen the feedback from potential customers or others entrepreneurs is essential for me to develop the right things at the right moment for product’s user base.

And fail fast remains one of the most important part of this process.

Who is Valerio?

If you want read more about me and my story take a look at this article: https://medium.com/saasgist/who-is-valerio-ece8488ad7e

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