Benefits of Marketing Automation and Why You Should Use It Now

Diny Octaviani
Jul 15 · 3 min read
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Marketing automation is a necessity for any modern business

Marketing automation is a software platform that increases your marketing effectiveness. Marketing automation can increase the efficiency of email marketing, landing page creation, lead generation, ROI measurement, and other marketing needs.

According to a survey conducted by the Aberdeen Group, the automation platform is used by 87% of the leading firms. The automated platform is reputed to increase marketing revenue to 14%.

A marketing automation software enables you to identify, track, and engage individual customers online; filter leads according to their level of engagement and interest; measure the revenue of every marketing campaigns you have done; all with automated processing.

Why use marketing automation?

Marketing automation has a large impact on sales performance, engagement rate, data collection, and marketing campaigns.

Marketing automation provides insight into the entire sales funnel. It means that a marketer can tell when leads are ready to buy. The insight provided will result in higher revenue and growth.

A large number of customers can be hard to engage using manual tools. Marketing automation can manage customer engagement for you. It will result in more customer conversion.

Using marketing automation is a good way to collect customer data effortlessly. With every campaign and engagement, marketing automation collects data and transform them into statistics. The statistics are useful for your marketing team to determine and execute things such as future marketing campaigns, behavioural predictions, strategic predictions, and so on.

It also has a profound impact on marketing campaigns by demonstrating the campaign’s ROI. A marketing team that are able to demonstrate their campaign’s effect on the bottom line can gain more funding for their programs. More funding means more creativity with programs and campaigns.

Why start now?

Marketing automation is a modern tool for marketing teams. The automated process will help your business level the playing field and adapt your business to your needs. It is easy to use and cost-effective.

Proper usage of marketing automation will level the playing field and allow your firm to compete with leading firms in your business. After committing to a content strategy and its process, marketing automation software will generate leads automatically and continuously. Because the process is automated, your team can concentrate more on more tasks. This is especially important for small business owners because it eases the workforce.

Automated marketing will increase your business adaptability on many levels. One of the adaptable aspects is email marketing. Automated marketing can tailor your emails to specific clients and track them to measure their effectiveness. It can measure customer behaviour by receiving the email and increase your business’s engagement and conversion rate. Automated marketing software can set the time of lead nurturing. It means that your customer will get a steady rate of relevant email, enough to maintain brand awareness but not enough to annoy the customers.

This advantage applies in long term. Relationship with your customer post-purchase can be ensured with automated marketing. You can automate reviews and feedback requests, offers on high spending segments, and re-engagement campaigns. All of this will ensure that your existing customers will keep engaging with your brand.

Time is money, and a marketing automation platform can save your time for other important tasks. Its overall benefits are much more rewarding than its investment cost.


Marketing automation is a tool that optimizes overall marketing efforts. Many leading firms are using marketing automation and experience its usefulness. Its advantages lie in its easy usage, cost-effectiveness, and its ability to save time and energy. Do not mistake marketing automation for a replacement for your marketing team. It is a tool to empower your team, not replace them.

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