Introducing Sablier: Continuous Payments on Ethereum

Paul Berg
Jun 2 · 3 min read
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First things first

What is Sablier?

An Ethereum dApp that you can start using today to pay your employees continuously. You make a one-off deposit and then the contract starts “allocating” the funds to the employee at a rate you set in advance.

What do you mean by “continuously”?

The first version of the dApp allows users to select one of the pre-defined intervals from below. There is no constraint though, we can easily expand to other fixed intervals or even custom values.

How do you measure time?

The trick is to use the so-called block time average as a time proxy. On Ethereum, blocks are broadcast once every ~15 seconds, which makes 1 minute to be the equivalent of 4 blocks.

Can the payer get their money back?

Indeed, they can at any time before the end of the stream! Read this tweet for more information.

Is it safe?

We can’t be evil. The backend of Sablier is composed strictly of trustless smart contracts deployed on Ethereum Mainnet. Check them out on Etherscan.

Use Cases


  • Many easy to use fiat on-ramps for those stablecoins (Circle Team, Wyre)
  • Regulatory uncertainty slowly faded away, as more countries updated their stance on crypto and more legal services startups popped up

Other Use Cases

  • Subscriptions
  • Taxes
  • Consultancy (lawyers, doctors)
  • Rent
  • Car parking

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Sablier App

Earn your salary by the minute

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Paul Berg

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Sablier App

Earn your salary by the minute