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Judging Submissions for the “Take Back The Web” Hackathon

Big thanks and kudos to the talented engineers who cracked on our bounties during the #TakeBackTheWeb hackathon organised by Gitcoin. We are humbled by your interest in Sablier.

Judging turned out to be way harder than expected, due to the quality of the submissions being very high. We went through each individual project, tried it out and provided commentary to each hacker.


Irreversible Token Streaming

This bounty received four submissions from:

We were impressed by TripleSpeeder’s submission and his agility in responding to and implementing our feedback, therefore he is the winner of the 750 SAI bounty.

Use TripleSpeeder’s dapp today to leave your inheritance web3 style — no paperwork involved. Just a Sablier stream that unlocks a drip of money to your heirs on a per-second basis.

The second place is taken by cameronfr. His codebase is neat, the user flow is smooth, but users cannot claim the streamed money directly in his dapp. As a token of appreciation, we decided to tip Cameron with 250 SAI.

Streamed Atomic Swaps

Unfortunately, we received only one submission for this bounty:

After reviewing it, we found it to be incomplete and not functional. We do thank masaun’s for his effort though, so we will tip him with 100 SAI.

Irreversible Token Streaming

Web3 Inheritance


  • Thorough documentation
  • Smart hack to use a proxy contract
  • Super duper cool to have diagrams
  • Works on testnet
  • Simple and nice UI


  • No linter or formatter like prettier used

Cameron’s Irreversible Token Streaming


  • Thorough documentation
  • Smart way to prevent dangerous actions
  • Works on testnets
  • Nice UI


  • ERC20 transfer does not have enough pre-defined gas
  • No way to withdraw from the UI



  • Dope storytelling
  • Nice and simple UI
  • Neat codebase


  • Pending mode is static (prints “need to get erc20 token balance too” in the console though)
  • Not working on testnets
  • Not usable with any ERC20 address
  • Temporary wallet generated but stream not created

2Mush Wealth


  • Nice user flow
  • Beautiful time picker


  • Little documentation on how to run the dapp
  • No token dropdown
  • Temporary wallet generated but stream not created

Streamed Atomic Swaps


  • Simple implementation via a wrapper


  • Couldn’t be run
  • Codebase is verbose and contains a lot of unnecessary contracts

Wrap Up

Check out all awesome submissions on the Gitcoin issue pages. Once again, thanks to everyone for participating and Gitcoin for putting this together. Stay tuned for more juicy hackathons by giving them a follow on Twitter.

If you have any questions, ideas, or issues, ping us on Discord — we’d love to hear from you.




The protocol for real-time finance on Ethereum

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