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Sablier Has Been Acquired By Hifi

TLDR; We are happy to announce that Sablier has been acquired by Hifi. The Sablier protocol and products are now owned by Hifi and will continue to be maintained and supported. I, Paul Razvan Berg, will join the new expanded team as technical lead.

The New, Expanded Team

My cofounder, Razvan Apostu, and I are happy with this new development, but Razvan has decided to step away from Sablier for now to continue work on a new project. I will join the Hifi team full time and leverage my previous experience with production Ethereum smart contracts to help build and secure the Hifi fixed-rate, fixed-term lending protocol.

Interestingly, Sablier-style streams and fixed-rate payments have lots of things in common: in both cases, there is a payer, a recipient and a constant amount of money that is paid at a pre-defined interval. Hifi’s recently published whitepaper explores token streams as an innovative way to lock-up and release tokens from the circulating supply as part of a broader token economic system.

What about Sablier?

You can find our money streaming products here:

You can also use Sablier directly from Gnosis Safe — one of the safest multi-signature wallets on the market.

Hifi plans to continue to maintain and improve on these products.

We will also be publishing the work we did on our v2, the technical bottlenecks we encountered, and our vision for generalised money streaming tokens.


Between December 13, 2019 until July 27, 2020, we had:

  • >1,000 users every month
  • 388 unique stream creators
  • 724 created streams
  • 1,532 unique Ethereum transactions
  • $160,000 total value transacted through our smart contracts

For a visual representation, you can check out Adam Fuller’s (community member) graph of streams:

What about Hifi?

Hifi new lending protocol proposes a novel zero-coupon bond system that allows borrowers to quickly sell debt for increased purchasing power. Borrowers deposit collateral and mint tokens, representing a debt obligation. Lenders purchase the tokenized debt obligation, typically at a discount, and redeem them for face value at maturity.

I’m excited to be part of this new chapter in Hifi story. I started implementing Hifi’s protocol in earnest at the beginning of July. You can follow our progress here:

Stay tuned for updates by following Hifi on Twitter and joining our community server on Discord.




The protocol for real-time finance on Ethereum

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Paul Razvan Berg

Paul Razvan Berg

Technical lead at Hifi. Founder at Sablier.

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