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Weeknotes S01E01

TL;DR: Talking professionalisation a lot, it’s important to find new ways to connect, Covid is still here and impacting, happy holidays.

[Weekending 18/12/2020 — forgot to push the publish button!]

Who did you talk to outside of your organisation? A good conversation with Di Bullman at HEE on the professionalisation agenda and chairing the next round table of the Digital Health/Informatics Professional bodies and organisations (FEDIP, FCI, CILIP, IHRIM, SOCITM, AphA, BCS, HEE, NHSX) in January.

This was followed up later in the week with a cathartic chat with Aasha Cowey (see Aasha’s fab work on Digital Career Paths, as well as the Future of the NHS Digital Academy) on the complexities of supporting ‘digital experts’ and what seems like slow progress. I am pleased to see a shift of thinking to be more person centric with the emergence of bringing things together around core needs — Am I good enough?, What learning do I need? and Who can help me?

This is such an important agenda not only for the current era of Digital Health but also so we can develop a pipeline of talent and skills at all levels.

What’s going on across your networks? It was CIO Advisory Panel Week and as you can expect a lot of the conversation remains about COVID vaccinations and the challenges of trust and data flows. The fifth annual Digital Health Intelligence NHS IT Leadership Survey was published this week and its findings are a cause for optimism but also for me highlight a challenge of a system still focused on ‘electronic records’ (in some regards quite rightly) but therefore missing the personal involvement in health, prevention and the opportunity/challenges of providing services in this consumer driven space.

What did you enjoy? Dropping in on the Application Support Team meeting — it was great to see a great group talking and sharing. I’ve done a few of these ‘drop ins’ on the teams and it does remind me how hard it is to keep connected when not in the same one or two buildings and you’re unable to do a opportune office walk arounds.

What did you achieve? Submission of Job descriptions for “Head of Software Development (Power Platform)” and “Strategic Transformation Lead” as we look to internalise some key competencies/skills and build capacity aligned to our Digital Journey.

What would you have done with more time? It was notable in my conversations this week that the ‘macro organisation’ sometimes needs reminding that this has almost been a full covid year. We have done things at a fantastic pace and delivered in unprecedented ways but this does mean that some things were shelved, some foundational improvements delayed. We need to be conscious of this when inherent challenges come back to the priority list. Perhaps with more time a collaborative year in reflection exercise would enable the story to emerge…

What are you looking forward to next week? Assuming it happens this year — That NHS moment between Christmas and New Year where things slow down just a little bit for you to take a breath whilst at work. Also finally submitting my BCS Fellowship Application (not the highest profile impact of covid but one all the same).

Have a good holiday period everyone — no matter how you do it this year :)



A collection of thinking from SABP Digital where we strive to put #PeopleBeforeTechnology. These blogs are shared in the spirit of energising learning and ‘make it open, it makes things better’

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Mike Cavaye

Certified Health CIO @sabpdigital, Digital Health CIO Advisory Panel Member, NHS Digital Academy Alumni #PeopleBeforeTechnology