A Beauty King Among Queens

From basic bitch to a proud Kylie Cosmetics addict

Ordering a Kylie Cosmetics product for the first time is like going on a first date. You’re paying the price with a vague idea of what you’re getting. You could get with a color that compliments your skin and makes you feel like a fierce warrior, or a color that would disappoint the makeup gods.

Ordering Kylie Jenner’s Mary Jo K liquid lipstick was a big step for me, the “perfect red” Jenner claims to have created was something I craved. I usually stuck to neutral earth tones, similar to Dolce K and Exposed, but I finally worked up the courage to order the $40 lipstick and impatiently waited for the shipment. When I came home after receiving the delivered notification, I was devastated to see that my package, notorious for being stolen, was missing. I felt like my dealer had gone missing and I needed my fix.

As any other millennial would do, I went straight to social media in order to rant.

Instead of being pitied or understood, I was put on trial for liking Kylie Cosmetics and not the other social media hyped-makeup brands, simply because the founder of my chosen drug is a 19-year-old reality star turned makeup guru.

Jenner’s empire first began in November 2015 with the release of her original three shades: “Candy K”, “Dolce K”, and “True Brown K”. The “Kylie Lip Kit” was so popular that the products sold out completely within the first 30 seconds, sparking the demand Jenner needed to continue expanding her line. Since then, Jenner has introduced different shades of matte liquid lipsticks, lip glosses, and metal matte liquid lipsticks.

The badass part about the Kylie Lip Kits is the durable formula. The matte lipsticks are made to dry up, in order to give the matte effect, and they don’t leave herpes-like-clumps on your lips. The lip liner adds strength to this God-gifted lipstick. I’ve been able to attend a number of parties where I ate enough to create a food baby and drink like my 40-year-old Mexican uncle, and my lipstick was still poppin’. The makeup gods have personally taken Jenner’s formula and added some blessings to ensure maximum color intensity.

Although Jenner restocks a majority of her items, she does release some limited edition products. “Freedom” and “Skylie” were launched June 2016 as a limited edition color for the 4th of July weekend. “Freedom,” a matte navy blue, and “Skylie,” a sky blue, were released alongside “Dead of Knight.”

Jenner’s Birthday Bundle was introduced in August, as a way to celebrate her 19th birthday. The bundle sold for $195, shipping not included, and featured: mini lipsticks, a Leo lipkit, two créme eyeshadows and a Kyliner.

The biggest struggle for Kylie Cosmetics has been the negative feedback received from the public with each new launch. If it’s not the lack of product volume to ensure items aren’t sold out 30 seconds after they launch, it’s the lipgloss wands or the site crashing.

One of the most notable mishaps with the Kylie Cosmetics brand, was when customers were finding information belonging to other buyers back in April. It was reported that buyers would sign into their account only to find the email address, house address, and names of other Kylie Cosmetics customers. Although the company did make a quick, and temporary, fix once the issue was brought to their attention, many fans were understandably upset about the possibility that their information had also been exposed.

During the first launch of her glosses, some customers found that the wand belonging to the lipgloss’ were becoming damaged with use. Jenner was quick to address the problem and swapped out the old brush with a new one for her next restock alongside replacement brushes for anyone who needed a new brush.

Unfortunately, the complaints against Kylie Cosmetics began to grow, catching the attention of the Better Business Bureau and the initial grading of an “F”. After fans complained to both the BBB and Kylie Cosmetics, the BBB managed to change the first grade “F” to “No Rating”.

Today, the BBB has a “B” report for Kylie Cosmetics as the company has allegedly been working on changing the packaging in order to avoid customer’s products being stolen or tampered with alongside other complaints.

Jenner’s company have also been responding to half-filled tubes by asking for photographic evidence and said to the BBB, “Our metallic matte lipsticks have a different consistency than our regular matte lipsticks; these lipsticks have more of a mousse-like, texture as opposed to a liquid consistency like the mattes. Because of the thicker consistency, this product can appear to move within the vial; please note that this is completely normal and is not a defect or an indication of missing product.”

The latest tea however, has been with the release of “Kyshadows”, one of the newer members of the Kylie Cosmetics family. During the release of the Bronze Palette, beauty blogger Shannon uploaded this tweet with a side by side comparison of the Kyshadows and her own eyeshadow palette collaboration between her and BH cosmetics.

An article showed a side-by-side comparison of both eyeshadow palettes and found that only four of the nine shades could be considered dupes. The greater differences, according to Shunatona, are: Kyshadows are smaller compared to the BH x Shaaanxo palette, pricing, and finish. While Kyshadows tend to run for $42 and have a matte finish, Shaaanxo’s are sold for only $14.50,have a shimmer finish, and include nine lip colors inside of the packaging.

Kylie Jenner’s success continues to grow due to how devoted her fanbase is, with the most notable fan being Johnny Cyrus. Cyrus, 19, has been a dedicated Ky-hard since the debut of her Keeks and has since then admired the reality star.

“She means everything, she’s made me such a strong person. She’s inspired me to not let anybody’s hateful comments get to me and she’s just an amazing person!”

Cyrus, best known for getting the lip swatches of the lipstick shades tattooed on his arm, could be best described as the face of the Kylie fandom.

Not only does he speak with King Kylie on Twitter and Instagram, but he’s also received a personal gift containing items from the now closed Kardashian Khaos store. His gift bag included: candies from the Sugar Factory, two pairs of socks from Arthur George, and a shirt from the Kardashian Khaos line saying “Kylie’s my fav.”

Jenner was finally able to meet her biggest fan when he flew to Orlando, Fla. to attend the grand opening of The Sugar Factory. They took selfies, talked about life and Cyrus was even featured in KylizzlemyNizzle’s Snapchat Story. Talk about #GOALS.

Even though he’s tight with his #1 inspiration, Cyrus has received many negative comments towards his tattoos and his love for Kylie Jenner. Unlike me, who was hurt that one of my favorite brands was being criticized, Cyrus says that he just ignores the negativity towards his tattoos. “[Kylie] loves them and that’s all that matters, everyone thinks that their opinion matters and it doesn’t.”

Cyrus is currently working on developing a new tattoo, an ode to the metal line found in Jenner’s company. So far, he has five tattoos that pay homage to the Kylie Cosmetics brand. His favorite, however, is the one he recently had done for the Kyshadows, which he says is “so dope.”

Despite there being a big following for Kylie Cosmetics, such as Cyrus, there continues to be a constant hate behind Jenner and her brand.“Everyone just wants to be so negative and it’s disgusting,” says Cyrus.

Which brings us back to my trial of fire, “Jeffree is better anyway” read one comment and the other tried to drive me towards Colourpop instead. If it’s not Jeffree Star Cosmetics or Colourpop, it’s Kat Von D Beauty or Urban Decay. There’s nothing wrong with these cosmetic brands or their products; the problem starts when society attempts to convert you from one brand to another. “Every brand is different. I think nobody should compare other brands to other brands, it’s not right!

To me, a Kylie Lip Kit is more than just having a brand name. It’s the confidence I need to wear a bright red shade, or a warm nude, and not constantly worry about how everyone is secretly laughing at me and that has to do with Jenner’s own confidence and how well she holds up despite the constant public pressures.

Me, wearing Mary Jo K.

If Jenner can put up with the constant paparazzi and criticism from tabloids, I can handle pushing my comfort zone aside to wear Mary Jo K. Sure, I could try out Jeffree Star Cosmetics or Kat Von D, but there was something that attracted me to Jenner’s line.

Maybe it was how amazed I was that someone my age was able to create a brand that consistently sells out in a matter of seconds. Despite her huge following before the release of Kylie Cosmetics, it grew and opened doors for her in the makeup world. She’s constantly coming up with new lip kit shades, new products, and she’s hinted at opening up a store in L.A.

It appears that nothing is holding back Jenner from creating something great and wonderful for herself and her fans. Although I haven’t been able to get many of the exclusive items Kylie Jenner has sold, it doesn’t stop me from loving her brand and admiring the determination she has for her company. If anything, her current stock keeps coming back for more.

After all, I’m a Kylie addict.

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