An Afternoon with Radical Something

The chill-ass trio talk about their new EP, quesadillas, and falling off stage

Radical Something, the chill-ass band straight out of Southern California, are the trio you never thought you needed. They’ve recently signed with Kobalt Music — home to artists such as Kid Cudi and Skrillex. The band sat with us to discuss this major stepping stone, celebrate the November 4 release of their new EP Hot Sauce, as well as reminisce memories over the five years they’ve spent together.

Originating from California, band members Alex Lagemann (Loggy) and Michael Costanzo (Big Red) played football at University of California, Berkeley before meeting up with Josh Hallbauer (Josh Cocktail) in New York. This is where Radical Something, reggae, hip-hop alternative band, would be born.

Loggy explained the name origin and said, “Radical was my favorite word and we needed ‘something’ to go with it. So it became Radical Something. Get it?”

They stormed into the scene with the music video for the fan-favorite song Be Easy featuring the New York based band, Kinetics. Since then, the “Rad Empire” has just kept growing and growing.

Due to today being the official release of Hot Sauce, the band looks forward to what the future holds, but aims to remain humble and dedicated to the fan-base they say was acquired, “one fan at a time.”

“One Soul,” the first unheard song released before the EP holds an important role in the band. “It took us 3 years to finish,” said the band, “and [it] is some of the best work of our careers.”

Now the band talks about stories they’ve had over the years, Loggy hits himself in the face, and Big Red eats my chips. Raw and uncut, here is Radical Something.

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