Are You In the Mood to Groove?

A playlist made for those rare times you feel like groovin’.

You know those occasional moments where you get a sudden urge to stop whatever you’re doing, jolt up, and dance? But not just dance, but fucking groove? I’m talking about the swinging your arms back and forth, shutting your eyes, and shaking your hips like no one is watching kind of dancing and grooving.

Well in case you didn’t know, you can’t “get down on it” to just any type of music. No, you have to play the right set of tunes that will make you dance like you’re at a Saturday night disco. But no need to fret, this funky fresh playlist provides you with the perfect songs to get jiggy with.

This 25-track playlist includes a wide variety of songs that start with a shoe-tapping 80’s synth-pop sound, flow into electronic and bubbly pop jams, and take a turn into vibin’ tunes with funky fresh bass lines accompanied by a smooth saxophone. If you’re in the mood to groove, whether you’re out with your best friends or on your way to work, this playlist will do just the trick to get your body moving.