Chillary, Clinton

Hill, we get it. You can “Whip” and “Nae Nae”

From the beginning of the Democratic Primary race, Hillary Clinton has had some issues. From the nonstop badgering about her private email server, to the way she dresses, to the barrage of hate from both sides of the political spectrum. Some of these are issues that, yes, need to be addressed like why she hasn’t spoken out about the Dakota Access Pipeline (we’re waiting), but those are big issues. Those are things that cannot be handled overnight. In truth, by bringing the subject up, Clinton faces a possible dip in millennial support or a chance of losing some key people in the GOP who may in time support her. This issue is one of a sometimes ambiguous moral line we all face. What is right for you may not be right for me. However, there are some things that Mrs. Clinton can do that will help her, and the biggest one is to stop trying to be “cool.”

It is no shock that Mrs. Clinton has a problem with millennials — not that she has done anything wrong by them, but that she keeps trying to join them. Let me rephrase, Clinton keeps trying to show how savvy she is on social media in hopes of bringing more young people to her side of the table.

We all know that millennials have one of the largest voting demographics of all people in the nation. The power we have to change the nation is clear in the 2008 landslide Mr. Obama received, and the continued fight for equal rights of minorities we have seen in the last decade. Thus, it is wise for politicians to hear what the youth of America have to say, but not so wise to try and join them.

Clinton has had a particularly hard time understanding this, as was the case with her tweet trying to get a conversation going about college debt — using emojis.

Clearly this was a failed attempt at a brilliant idea. What better way to connect with young voters, many of whom are struggling with the crippling debt of student loans, than to talk about the subject? However insulting these voters by asking them to speak in emoji set her back in their eyes.

But that’s not all as the infomercials say; a Snapchat posted by Clinton went viral not for its ingenuity, but because it was ridiculously lame. In the short video, Clinton shows her drink in a cozy that reads, “More like Chillary Clinton amiright?” The camera then flips and Clinton appears and says, “I’m just chillin in Seder Rappids.”

Aside from how bad-ass that cozy is, and maybe how much I laughed watching the video, nothing seemed to help her in an attempt to grab millennials. That is for the simple reason that most young people do not see Clinton as cool. They see her as a stern politician, a force of nature which can withstand most anything that’s come her way, and then some. But that’s okay.

Right now the climate of the American political system is equated better to the last episode of friends: It’s sad, nostalgic, and leaves you wanting and expecting more. Especially with Trump clowning around and making Americans the laughing stock of the major world powers, millennials want stability.

Most millennials today grew up with a Clinton in The White House, and the image of Mrs. Clinton was always proper. She stood up tall, took no shit, bounced back from scandal, and did it in a pantsuit. That is the image that comes to mind when I think of her, and I remember watching her while then President Clinton stood at a podium and lied to the nation about having sexual relations with another woman.

The amount of strength that it must have taken to be by his side, and then through his impeachment, and still have a successful political career is beyond words.

People didn’t elect her because she was cool, and they didn’t elect her because she knew social media, although it should be noted that social media wasn’t as pervasive as it is now. No, they elected her because she is a battle ox. She is strong for a politician, not many could face all she has and still be the Democratic nominee for president, let alone get elected to the Senate where she also kicked ass.

Clinton isn’t known to be the fun aunt who’s hanging with the nephews and nieces taking selfies and sending snaps. No, she is the stern aunt who is crazy responsible and who leads the family. She’s not an abuela, or a selfie queen, or a witch to be burnt at the stake. She is an educated, experienced, powerhouse that doesn’t need to “level” with millennials. Instead, millennials should aspire to be on her level, and to take the helm when her time comes to leave world.

So Hillary, stop. Just stop already. You don’t need to act stupid to get millennial attention because you already have it. Take your own advice and chill.