Chris Hemsworth: The Best Hemsworth

Two Australian brothers stole the hearts of women everywhere but one reigns supreme

Until a few years ago, the last name “Hemsworth” wasn’t a big deal, but now just the mere mention of it will make most women and men swoon. The two hunky Aussie brothers have taken the world by storm and we love it.

At first, when my friends asked me which brother I liked most, I didn’t hesitate to say Liam. I thought he was just adorable. I didn’t even consider Luke Hemsworth — better known as “the forgotten brother” — because I didn’t even know he existed. Anyways, as the years have passed, my tastes have changed, and with those years I have transitioned into a Chris fan. Allow me to show you why.

1. He’s a god. How can you say no to a god?

Chris Hemsworth plays the hammer-wielding Nordic god, also known as the mighty Thor. He possesses all the physical attributes — powerful, strong, intimidating, not to mention dashing — that the mythological god has. He’s the human embodiment of Thor.

Although Liam has a respectable career, starring in the Nicholas Sparks movie The Last Song and in The Hunger Games series, he’s still no god.

Sorry, Liam.

2. He’s breathtakingly handsome. Have you seen him shirtless?

You haven’t seen Chris Hemsworth shirtless? No? Here you go. You’re welcome.

Chris Hemsworth is the living, breathing, rendition of the word: masculine. He’s crazy buff, just look at those biceps. They. Are. To. Die. For.

No matter what hair length he is pulling off, he is, without a doubt ridiculously handsome. He has a perfectly groomed beard. His eyes are the color of the clear blue sky after a storm. His accent makes your heart skip a beat. His voice is so deep that it rumbles like the thunder that he summons.

I mean just look at that jawline: pure perfection. This much masculinity and testosterone in one man should be a sin.

Liam is also handsome, but in a different way. His physical features are less defined and sharp in comparison. To put it simply, Liam is cute while Chris is drool-worthy. Liam is a boy, Chris is a man. The end.

I mean, there’s a reason why People magazine did crown him 2014's Sexiest Man Alive.

3. S.O.S. DILF alert!

Not only is Chris one of the sexiest men out there, but he also happens to be a wonderful father. He has one girl and two twin boys.

When a bakery would not bake a cake for his daughter’s birthday, he took it upon himself, like any good father, to bake one for her. Do you see those arms as he whips the frosting on his daughters cake?!

Oh, and lets not forget the way he handled his daughter’s penis envy. Which was absolutely perfect.

Although Liam doesn’t have kids, he is an animal lover and pet parent. Which is cool. But then again, Chris happens to be both. Refer to the photos above…

4. The bromance is strong with this one

Like any brother, he roasts his kid brother frequently in interviews. A few months ago, Chris went as far as doodling on his brothers magazine cover, which of course started a doodling war.

Liam’s retaliation was swift.

But in the end, Chris Hemsworth has some major love for his brothers and family.

I guess the two are equal on that account.

5. He is #hubbygoals

Besides being committed to his work and children, he is also committed to his wife. Yes, sadly, Chris Hemsworth is taken. He’s been happily married for 6 years, to model and actress Elsa Patasky — and ladies and gentlemen it looks like real true love.

Meanwhile Liam, came in like a wrecking ball, and has been dating Miley Cyrus on and off for a few years. Liam did share a photo of him and Miley doing yard work together, which makes our “Miam” hearts soar.

We all have our preferences, but when it comes to these Australian beauties, what more could a girl possibly want? Essentially, it’s like choosing between Hemsworth…and Hemsworth-lite.