Clash of the Flavors

Mexican food? Asian food? Por Que No Los Dos?

What do you get when you mix Mexican culture with Asian culture? You getSushi Miguel’s Style”, a restaurant that combines both cultures. This sushi spot is a hidden gem in the center of the Inland Empire. No one expects to arrive at a Japanese restaurant and see the name of a Hispanic man, a true juxtaposition to many.

Miguel brings the spices of his Mexican background and adds it to the well-loved sushi entrees that his restaurants offer.

When you first walk in you might find yourself a bit confused, as you realize that the chefs creating the sushi behind the bar aren’t Asian at all, in fact they are all Hispanic. If you walk in during the lunch rush or during dinner hours you will find yourself surrounded by multiple conversations and laughter that overpowers the music playing in the background. The smell of the sea and spices fill the air. The lighting in the room is dim and the decor, which consist of Japanese fans with bamboo, and characters adorn the walls. The servers and chefs are very welcoming, and are constantly making sure your needs are being satisfied.

Miguel Aguirre, the owner and head chef is a native of Acapulco Guerrero, Mexico and immigrated to the United States in 1987 to pursue the dream that alike many immigrants come for, hopes of living a better life and having a prosperous future. When he arrived in the U.S. he settled in the city of Colton. He found a job washing dishes and helping around in the back kitchen at Sayaka, a sushi restaurant in the city.

He shortly became intrigued with the way the sushi is prepped and cooked, and eventually moved out of the back. The owner of Sayaka taught him how to make the sushi rolls, making him the only Hispanic chef in the restaurant at the time. The customers were openhearted and enjoyed his rolls. He built up his own clientele who would come in specifically to be catered by him.

“After so many years working with food in this culture I consider myself half Japanese now,” said Aguirre.

Being intrigued with the culture and successfully sought out by many customers he decided that he had to pursue the American Dream and open up his own business. In 2013 after saving enough money, and with the help of his wife and other family members he opened up the first location.

So what exactly makes this sushi spot different from others? Well, Miguel likes to mix his Hispanic heritage into the sushi rolls. He whips up a spicy chili sauce (everyone knows Hispanics love spicy food) to go on top of the rolls or to accompany them on the side. If you dare to get your taste buds tingling then order the Fire Roll, Miguel Roll, or the Amazing Roll, all of which consist of Miguel’s spicy chili sauce.

Or maybe you’re willing to fire up your senses before your main entrée, which in this case you might find yourself ordering the stuffed jalapeños. This appetizer combines the jalapeños’ spicy flavor and the sweet flavor that comes from the imitation crab that is stuffed inside and joins them into one.

“I like mixing flavors from both cultures into one, and if the food satisfies the customer then I know I’m doing my job right,” said Aguirre.

So if you’re looking for something to spice up your life and some sushi rolls to fulfill your cravings you can find what you need at Miguel’s. Pair up this clash of mouthwatering flavors with a cold Sapporo on the side and your dinner will be set.

The environment is always friendly and welcoming and with the newly opened location in Fontana it maximizes your options when looking for the perfect place to dine at.