John Pauly P and ComicKairi conquer LBCC!

ComicKairi and John Pauly P. Conquer Long Beach Comic-Con

Chun-Li and her trusty sidekick explore the realm of nerds

Twice a year, the city of Long Beach holds the famed Long Beach Comic-Con, where thousands of fans gather to share their love for the geek life, and I’m certainly no stranger in my Chun-Li cosplay!

Readers, cosplayers, and gamers collide in this fun-filled, activity-rich nerdapalooza! Whether you’re a casual fan, or a die-hard Brony, there is something for nerds at any level of their journey! Watch my co-host, John Paul, and I conquer the wilds of Comic-Con in our video featuring interviews with cosplayers and casual convention goers!

Keep a look out for our next video, featuring interviews with the real heroes — the artists and writers behind our beloved characters.