Gucci Gets “Outkast” For His False Reports

Will the ATLien duo ever bless our ears again?

Story by Matthew Retana and Jack Charles

The world gave a collective cry of delight when The Refined Convict, better known as Gucci Mane, was released after an on-again-off-again with a prison cell. The Atlantan native, bounced back into the game with multiple features, a newly released album, and even created a Snapchat account to document his daily “fresh out the feds” life.

Even though he’s a newly liberated man and we put away our “Free Gucci” shirts, he caused some trouble when he went to Snapchat and hinted at the possible return of our favorite rap group, Outkast. By him saying, “I just did a record for Outkast…,” the people of Twitter lost their mind at the prospect of a possible reunion between the ATL duo. Here are some tweets to show how much people bought into Gucci’s false claim..

Holy Liberated Lying Lyricist Batman! Gucci got us good!

Guess we’re all watching our hopes swirl down the shitter, Michael.

Hate to burst your bubble, but they aren’t bro!

Even Complex Magazine was buying into the bullshit, that was maybe one of the greatest groups to bless this Earth, were cooking up something new.

The next day, our hopes were shat on by reports of both representatives from the group and Andre 3000 stating that there is no music on the way. Everybody stop what they are doing and please lets take a moment of silence. Outkast possible reuniting is like Christ coming back to Earth, it is that holy.

With Andre 3000’s feature on Frank Ocean “Solo (Reprise),” as well as on Travi$ Scott’s song “The End” from his Sophomore album Birds in the Trap Sing McKnight, and Big Boi’s recent announcement of a collab EP with Killer Mike, both artists are still in the game and fans can only hope and cross their fingers that the funky duos hiatus will soon end.

As fans hearts break everywhere, this situation does call for a quick look at Outkast’s legacy. Outkast is an iconic group that put Southern Rap into the mainstream of music and gave a new face to the city of Atlanta. They made it “cool to be southern” and, as people idolized them, they redefined the meaning of being the shit!

Although the rep savagely ripped our hearts from our chests, we’re still left with the pure, old-school sounds of the iconic two-some that will never die. These are our top five tracks of all time that will help us remember the good ol’ days.

Looks like Ms. Jackson isn’t the only person Outkast owes an apology to.