Kanye Taking His First “L” of 2016

Can the new Yeezy 350s v2 still make the jump over Jumpman?

By Jack Charles and Matthew Retana

Ayo you got the Yeezy’s? Y’all gonna be havin those new Yeezy’s? Hey buddy, could you tell me if these are fake? If you’re a sneakerhead, chances are you’ve called your local Adidas store with questions like these, if you aren’t, you’ve most definitely seen a pair, whether in person or on your Instagram timeline. Everywhere we look, those shoes manage to work their way into the limelight, maybe now more than ever because Yeezy Season is here yet again.

On Wednesday, Sept. 21, rapper, producer, “Fashion Killuh” and self-proclaimed God, Kanye West dropped his newest pair of Yeezy 350s, which are a part of the Yeezy Season 3 fashion line and frankly, Matt and I are unimpressed. This is the most recent drop since the Oxford Tans back in Decemeber of 2015.

If you haven’t seen them, here they are, on their very own fan page:

They somewhat look a little outdated, don’t they? Not only do they look like all the other previous 350s, but now they have the Hasbro-esk orange/red streak on the side. At least these aren’t the only color-way to come out, the next pairs to come out look somewhat like store brand, knock-off Oreo cookies. So we have those to look forward to.

Here is a photo of the remaining Yeezys that will be dropping throughout the rest of the year and into the beginning of next year. This truly is the defintion of Kanye’s “Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.”

As an employee at the Adidas store in Glendale, I get the opportunity to ask people what they think of the newest Yeezys coming out every time there is a release. From talking to sneaker hounds from around LA there was an overwhelming consensus; the new Yeezys are ‘fugly. However, this did not stop those exact same people from telling me that at 1 p.m. on September 21st, they were going to hop on their Adidas Confirmed app and tire their little hearts out trying to reserve a pair of their very own Yeezy 350 boosts. (AHEM Matt…)

So yes, Matt has been talking mad shit on the new Yeezys, but it is Kanye and these shoes can resell for a RIDICULOUS price, so Matt went down to LA trying to purchase these shoes, but like every other time, sadly, he was unable to cop them, and he told me he “just cried tears of sorrow as [he] drove home” realizing that it might be easier winning the lotto then getting these shoes.

Whatever the popular opinions may be, Pablo’s newest shoe did in fact sell out in record time and hearts broke all over from those people who’s internet crashed midway through their order. And believe me, there are always a few calls to the store telling us this tragedy.

As much as we love Ye and the icon he is, we can’t lie and say we think his new shoes are “fire-flames,” but if you were one of the few to get a pair, wear them with pride my friend, because you did just blow $220 on them.

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