“Name One Genius That Ain’t Crazy...”

I’m the HBIC. This is our publication. I’m scared shitless.

I am a part of a generation where everything is digital. Any information you may need on any topic is available at your fingertips wherever you may be in the world. There is literally a website dedicated to the death of print newspapers. So why would community college students, in the suburbs of Los Angeles, care about their school’s student publications? Instead of why, “how” would we do it?

Sac.Media moved to Medium a little under two years ago and it took the place of our print newspaper, “The Mountaineer,” and our online news site, Mountiewire. I was appointed the position of Managing Editor and you fucking bet I took my job seriously. By trying to juggle a publication handling campus and local news, campus sports, A&E, politics and culture, the state of Sac.Media was left unknown. Unknown by me, my Editor-In-Chief and the staff writers. It went from something we were all proud of, to a site that had no real direction or vision.

My adviser, a former music magazine publisher, publicist and eternal rocker chick who is basically my “mother,” mentor and the older, Italian version of me, decided to put the new publication in my hands. After launching a short-lived publication, Trend, that didn’t take off, I was hesitant on taking control of another publication. I had my doubts, about myself mostly, but her support and vision for our newsroom that, “Everything is an experiment” helped me push through the rough patches.

So here we are. I’m writing this at 8:49 p.m. the night before we relaunch a publication that is basically my brain on a page. From the logo, to the content, to the overall branding, this has become not just my publication and vision, but that of the writers and readers.

As a member of the millennial generation who very heavily relies on social media and apps for everything, I know what those my age want.

We want fun. We want edgy. We want sexy.

We care about news. We do. But we need it delivered in a way that we will resonate with and understand. We want it surrounded by an article telling us what bars have the best cocktails and what fashion tips we can get from North West.

After analyzing digital media and trends for years, we’ve finally cracked the code on how to make our campus care about the talented writers on their campus.

Without further adieu, welcome to Sac.Media.