Your Next Indie Party Playlist

Looking to get lit? Check out these six indie musicians.

If there’s one thing that’s crucial to make perfect for a party, it’s the music. While the usual remixes and top 40 chart toppers come to mind, that doesn’t mean there aren’t some underground and indie musicians you should consider adding to your next party playlist. In fact, here’s six of them to look into.

1. Fitz and the Tantrums

Experiencing a small amount of mainstream exposure after their second single “The Walker” was used in numerous commercials including Sprite, Supercuts, the MLB postseason, and the 86th Academy Awards — Fitz and the Tantrums produce heart pumping, drum heavy sounds that’ll start your party the right way.


BØRNS is the heart and soul of musician Garrett Borns, who has produced some of the best indie synthopop music for people to get down to. While the musician only has one album to his name, his freshman album “Dopamine” has gotten nothing but rave reviews, including Tina Roumeliotis from “The Daily Listening” calling it, “an album worth picking up this fall.

3. Passion Pit

Indietronica band, Passion Pit, is fronted by Micahel Angelakos, has three albums to their name. With a long list of songs to choose from, while their lyrics usually go a darker route, they’re usually sung in the opposite tone, as described by Pitchfork, “a sky-high voice over joyous pop melodies.

4. Glass Animals

Sound familiar? If you have the “Magic Mike XXL” soundtrack then you’ve probably heard of Glass Animals. The indie rock band with two albums to their name focus on a blend of indie rock and psychedelic pop — and their slow jams are both slow, sensual, yet filled with “plenty of tropical percussion, hard-hitting hip-hop bass, shadowy vocals, electronic synth work, and obscure percussion” to enough to keep people on their feet.


Described by Grimy Goods as, “the quintessential American indie band,” GROUPLOVE has made their stake into mainstream media with their music being featured in popular media such as “The Fault in Our Stars,” and being covered on the show “Glee.” While the band released their last album in 2013, don’t fret. They just released their latest project “Big Mess” on Sept. 9 to give you more to choose from.

6 . Vampire Weekend

Indie rock band, Vampire Weekend, is a staple to listen to when it comes to indie music with popular hits such as “Oxford Comma” and “A-Punk.” However the band’s later singles have started to go a bit more upbeat, for example “Unbelievers” and “Diane Young,” one of many high energy anthems off “Modern Vampires of the City.”

With this in mind, try adding some indie flair to your next playlist for that throwback you’ve been meaning to set up. Here’s a playlist to get the party started.