Stop Killing the Damn Bees

Chipotle will begin charging a lot more for guac if you don’t stop.

Spring is here, and you really need to stop killing the bees. Why? Because I fucking love ice cream, coffee, caramel; do you realize how many things we need to be grateful for because of the bees? So many.

Nutella? Bees. Flowers? Bees. Avocados? Bees. There’s a whole movie that predicts what would happen to the planet if bees disappeared, and y’all turned it into a fucking meme.

Aside from how high the writers must of been when creating this script (I mean the girl gives up her flower shop and her man to help a bee sue the human race) they make a very good point. The bee’s, Barry B. Benson, motive is to stop the overworking of bees which leads to their death. He goes against man (literally) for the mistreatment of bees in exchange for profit over the sales of honey.

The movie came out in 2007, but its message is as relative today as it was back then. Especially now that seven species of the yellow-faced bee have been added to the endangered species list for the first time.

Honey Nut Cheerios brand begun a new campaign called: #BringBackTheBees in March, after taking “Buzz the Bee” off their cereal boxes to bring awareness. Partnered with Veseys Seeds, the brand team was able to give away 1.5 billion seeds, a much higher number compared to their original goal of 100 million seeds.

So what exactly is going on with the bees?

Well, in simple words: Humans are murdering the bees. Farmers are relocating the bees to their farms, and exposing them to pesticides. This affects bees as most of them are dying, or worse, their queen dies. When the queen dies, then the problems begin. Similar to ants, when the queen of a hive dies, then the rest of the hive is destined to die.

There isn’t much we can do in order to prevent the death of the bees. Unfortunately the mass murder of these bees is up to the farmers, however as an ordinary citizen there are a few things you could do.

Plant flowers that are bee friendly, buy local produce, and leave some water out for our little bee friends. If you happen to come across a dying bee (he won’t be flying) mix sugar and water to a 3:1 ration and put a spoonful next to him, he’ll start drinking for about 5 minutes then fly away to safety. Without them, there is no avocado toast, ice cream, cereal, and more importantly, love.

So in a nutshell, stop killing the damn bees. They’re important to the circle of life, after all, without them how are we supposed to live on?