Tales of a 23-Year-Old Makeup Virgin

Yes, you read that correctly.

My name is Diana Alami. I’m 23-years-old and I’m a virgin…a makeup virgin, that is. Here is my story.

The Before

I’m constantly asked if I ever wear makeup and when I shake my head and say, “no,” I’m attacked with very unamused and shocked faces asking, “Why not?”

The majority of women my age wear makeup, but I just don’t. Growing up, 
I never hit that period in my life where I felt compelled to put on layer upon layer of makeup on my face. It never peaked my interest and it still doesn’t.

Sephora never has impressed me enough to spend hundreds of dollars worth on shit I don’t know how to use. I just never understood the hype. This transferred over to my adult-life. I still don’t understand why women feel the need to put 20 different products on their faces to feel pretty. I can appreciate the art of putting on makeup, but it just isn’t me.

It’s almost embarrassing to admit, but the truth is that not only have I never had a full makeup face, but I also know nothing about makeup.

I remember my cousin asking me not too long ago if I could accompany her to purchase foundation at Sephora. First off, I didn’t have a clue what foundation is, what it looked like, or what its exact purpose was. As soon as I entered, I was immediately overwhelmed by all the products. The only section I understood was the perfume section, because I use it.

After wandering through the many aisles, while listening and observing people talk about makeup, I felt dumb and embarrassed. I realized that I am completely uneducated and unschooled in the art of makeup.

In my defense, I grew up in a household where my mom was the only other female in our home and she wore little-to-no makeup. This resulted in me not learning about applying makeup, having no interested in wearing makeup, or knowing anything about makeup products.

I decided that it is time to change all this and educate myself. I made a decision to learn about makeup and, for the first time, wear it on my face.
I want to see what the big deal is. I want to experience it firsthand and then maybe I will understand.

I’m nervous yet excited. What if I don’t like what the makeup artist puts on my face? What if I like it a little too much? What if this is the start of a 
make up addiction? What if it changes me forever? I guess we will see.

The Transformation

The After

So now, I get it! It’s like I’ve seen the universe. I look and feel so different. I look flawless. I now understand the power that makeup possesses.

I found that people are much friendlier when you have makeup on. Complete strangers kept smiling at me and bidding me a good day.

I did feel some discomfort throughout the day. I just wasn’t used to wearing anything on my face, and the feeling was definitely new. I felt like I couldn’t touch my face or rub my eyes, like I’m accustomed to.

I also finally realized the worry that women have about messing up their makeup. Years and years of hearing “I’m going to the restroom to touch-up my makeup,” finally made sense. I spent the whole day worried I’d ruin the masterpiece that was my face.

All-in-all, it was a great experience. I did like it and was satisfied with the results, but not enough to start using makeup every day. I think I’ll probably wear it on special occasions, but maybe just the minimal amount that makes me feel flawless.

Make up by Daynie Jahoska.

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