The Story Behind “La Angelita de la Noche”

A look into the life of LA’s breakthrough Latina female radio personality

There are only a few people in the world who follow their dreams. Out of those few people, even less use their dream to help others. Josefa Salinas, also known as the “Angelita De La Noche,” is an award-winning, influential, Latina who has left her mark in the radio industry and continues to do her best to give back to the community and help others in need.

With over 30 years of experience, Salinas began her career at KSOL in San Francisco, the fourth top radio market. “I want to be on the air,” she said when she walked into the station. The gentlemen whom she spoke with laughed, but with determination, she made it happen.

In 1993, Salinas made herself known as the “Angelita De La Noche,” at Power 106 in Los Angeles, the second top radio market and one that is a household name in Los Angeles. At that station, she created the “Knowledge is Power” campaign, where she had many artists’ support, including Tupac Shakur.

Salinas also created the slow jam show for Power 106 after convincing the program director that, “even gangsters slow down at night.” After a successful “Slow Jam Show,” Josefa continued to work at Hot 92.3 in 2001 with her very own morning show, “What’s going on Around Town.” Salinas also held a fair share of “Community Review” shows throughout her career, many of which still run today. All of her accomplishments did not come easy, however, there were many obstacles along the way.

Josefa Salinas was a single mom when she started her career. If you think radio was what she knew she wanted to do, guess again. It was when she worked at a juvenile center that a co-worker told her to go do something else, since she had her whole life ahead of her.

With a baby girl at her side, she went to San Francisco to seek a job for her voice because she figured talking was something she was comfortable with and good at. With no one to help her with her daughter, Salinas did everything she could, including taking her daughter to work with her sometimes to make it happen.

Salinas said she got her persistence and determination from her father. It wasn’t until after she was already in radio that she found out her father had also worked with radio while he was in the army. It ran in her blood and she didn’t even know it. Her parents got divorced when she was fourteen years old. Separated from her siblings, she went to live with her mom.

“Divorce is something very difficult for children to go through,” Salinas said, “It was very hard for me.”

When Salinas moved to LA to work with Power 106, she met Coolio, an American rapper. They dated, had a son together, and “built a little empire together,” Salinas said. Salinas also managed his career for a couple of years and won two MTV Moonmen while working together. A

lthough their relationship did not work out, Salinas said she would not take back those years for anything. She also advises females to understand that one cannot change a man’s character, and if you can accept that, you can avoid a lot of heartache.

In addition to heartache, Salinas survived a brain tumor. The doctor told her to say her goodbyes to her loved ones. Not ready to give up, Josefa Salinas came back strong after surgery and was back in the studio within 6 weeks. She said that when death comes knocking, you will view life in an entirely different way.

Josefa Salinas and Ana Saucedo

Currently, Josefa Salinas owns Hot 92.3 The Beat and The Power of She has two non-profit organizations, “Pursuit of Excellence Institute” and “How to be a Girl.” She expects to start up a military radio station in the near future and give the power of voice to women in Kenya and later Mexico. She also oversees the public libraries in Los Angeles and has great things in store but could not share that information just yet. Her goal is to give people the power of voice and to encourage people to share their stories.

When asked what advice she had to give those aspiring to be great, Josefa Salinas said, “Stay strong, stay focused, and stay informed.”