The Stupidest Wall in History

And yes, IT’S YUGE

All of the nations around the world have borders. It’s what separates cultures and nationalities and what allows each country or state to live with their own laws, without putting a physical barrier that permanently separates them. Maybe they’re a dingy picket fence, or just small little sign that reads, “You Are Here!,” but they are small signs and weak fences that hold a huge meaning.

Donald Trump has proposed building a wall, without consulting the history books. His plan? Raise taxes on Mexican imports in order to build a wall so huge that it prevents any more Hispanic immigrants from coming into the United States.

There have been claims that Mexico already has a wall, to keep the Guatemalans out. Umm, what wall???? Snopes has already debunked the rumor that Mexico has built a huge wall to keep Guatemalans out. There is no wall, but there was a wall somewhere else that was built to do something similar, and it wasn’t even that long ago! Surprise!

What You Need to Know About the Pettiest Wall Known to Man…

You could not have gotten a highschool diploma without talking about the stupidest walls of walls. The Berlin Wall.

Not only was building it pointless, but it was also stupid. After Hitler was defeated, Germany was divided into four zones: the Eastern part belonged to the Soviet Union and the Western to the allies, the U.S., France, and Great Britain. Keep in mind this is the era of the Cold War, so the Soviet Union deicide to be super petty towards the U.S. and starve the Germans. Why? Because they were pissed that the Allied Nations had power, so in order to drive them out of Berlin City, they pushed them back as far as possible and constructed a wall. At least 10 feet high, to keep the two sections from communicating and trading.

Don’t worry, they had doors. Not only were they big wooden ones, but they had security checkpoints! Unlike Trump’s plan, with one BIG door, the Berlin Wall had three, where East and West Berlin travelers were rarely allowed to cross and only diplomats were granted permission. The wall was 12-feet-tall and 4-feet-wide. Soldiers were ordered to shoot on site. But hey, at least it kept those damn emigrants out.

How did America respond? With action. America was so upset that Germans were starving due to their sections not receiving the goods that they began the Berlin Airlift. For more than a year, American’s took action and kicked serious ass. They managed to transport over 2.3 MILLION tons of cargo over the wall via airlift. When the wall was destroyed on Nov. 9th, 1989 both sides rejoiced and even helped tear down the wall. One nation, divided by political beliefs helped destroy the very thing that kept them segregated. A stupid wall put up by a petty leader who was tired of not winning.

So, no. Don’t come and tell me that building a wall that separates families and pushes them into a section of the map is a good idea. Don’t make ME pay for something I don’t want to fund either. You want a wall? Kickstart that shit, but if a wall is being built that forces me to separate my identity, I don’t want to be a part of that.

We are forced to take History classes in highschool and college so “we learn from History’s mistakes,” and I did, unfortunately, my “President” did not.