Yup, Clowns Are Scary as Fuck

Ready or not, here they come…damn you, Stephen King

By Jack Charles and Arlyne Acevedo

Clowns may be the spawn of Satan himself, and the things of nightmares for many people, but those nightmares seem to be coming alive. Recently, an outbreak of “Clown Sightings” have the people of America shitting their pants.

Look at this creepy bastard…just creeping like the bastard he is.

Is it just a “white people” thing to get out of the car when stuff like this happens? Or does it just seem like that? Just us?

However, the people of Twitter tend to make situations like this a bit more tolerable.

As much as we try to keep the election out of our unrelated stories, Tom’s declaration made us chuckle.

Ultimately, we would like to know what the hell would lead someone to dress up like the scariest goddamn beings in the world and walk around with the sole purpose of making people defecate themselves.

Like this little fellow is:

We feel you friend, just stay aware, because if it’s me, you, and a clown, all I know is that I don’t have to be the fastest person in the world, just faster than you, bud.